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  1. petitechai says

    I loved your point about moving on after a binge. I’ve found that I feel guilty even weeks after an indulgence, but I never really notice when I eat healthy for a long time. What is with the human brain and only focusing on the negatives? Definitely something I want to work on

    • lauzieslifestyle says

      I feel the same way. If I eat healthy for ages, I won’t feel proud, but the minute I overindulge, I’m so guilty. It really is something to work on because we are human and it’s ok to mess up!

  2. lauzieslifestyle says

    Ok what can help, when you make your next meal, purposely make more to eat the next day. It can help get you into the habit. And then choose different sides or different vegs. The idea of meal prepping can be a lot and when you take the pressure off and do it casually as you go along, it doesn’t seem so big. You can even do tiny prep like writing what to eat for breakfast or what fruit etc. You will get there!! 🙂 xx

    • lauzieslifestyle says

      I’m not sure if it will be help, but I did a post on a meal prep a couple of weeks ago. It changes the way you eat. I find if I don’t have food prepped, I’m more likely to hunt for rubbish. I hope it all goes well! xxx

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