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  1. lovepoems678 says

    It’s so funny how many people can relate to others poetry of heartache and pain. I loved the way you wrote these. Writing is such an unexpected way of trying to overcome feelings like this.

    • lauzieslifestyle says

      It really is! It’s almost a form of therapy. I think it’s nice reading other people’s poetry and relating, but also being able to take the words and link it to your own experiences. Happy that you loved them. 🙂

  2. Lee says

    Loved all of these sad unfortunate poems, I think I’ve had all of these ex’s. Or at least a couple of them that matched a few. When will these heartbreakers know what they have and learn to appreciate the love they are given… the world may never know.

    • lauzieslifestyle says

      Thank you for taking the time to read them all! I kind of believe in karma but also I like to think they will look back one day. And at the very least, the heartbreakers can make for good writing. If I could make a song like Taylor Swift then I could make money as well haha!

      • Lee says

        I believe in karma also!! For sure. The ones that have hurt me have always tried to come back.. so I know they look back and realize the mistake. Or think I’ll be dumb and go through it agin. Nope! I have some great poems and lyrics I’ve wrote about some of my last relationships and heart break so yes I know about the god writing the comes of it lol

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