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    • lauzieslifestyle says

      It’s beyond irritating right. I spent years going back and forth to the doctors and dermatologist. I was allergic to Roaccuttane. Then I spent ridiculous amounts of money on cleansers and treatment. My exfoliator alone would be £50 a month. Eventually, I went to another dermatologist who told me I was intolerant to dairy. I cut down on it and eventually went for plant based and that’s completely changed my skin. I don’t know if you would consider looking into intolerances or if you have, but I would recommend that and in terms of skincare, whether you buy expensive or not, just look for calming, hydrating products that won’t irritate your skin further. I hope that helps 🙂

      • Reg says

        Those are some great suggestions. I definitely know that dairy and gluten I tolerances can exacerbate acne. I have gluten intolerance so maybe dairy is a trigger too. Who knows. I don’t eat a lot. Usually fermented like cheese, but I’ve heard fermentation is better than raw dairy. I should eliminate it to see what happens though

        • lauzieslifestyle says

          I’m not qualified at all to give nutritional advice. What my dermatologist said to me, was to cut out all dairy for at least six weeks, and then slowly introduce it back in and see if there is any differences. I still eat some dairy, but if I overdo it, I notice breakouts. If you do cut all dairy, I would say to ensure you have all your vitamins up…that could play a part. It’s frustrating the whole it could be this..or it could be that. No clear answers but I guess acne is about cancelling options. So if you eat healthy (I’m not saying you don’t!) or/and cut dairy and that doesn’t work, you then know what’s not causing it. If you decide to make any changes, let me know. I would be interested in knowing if there’s been any improvement. Fingers crossed!!

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