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  1. lauzieslifestyle says

    Thank you for reading! I’m glad you are confident within yourself. I think everyone has or is struggling with that. It’s a shame some people still choose the competitive route though.

  2. tbymallano says

    Wonderfully written post! I used be jealous of many things but I’ve outgrown my weaknesses. From time to time I catch myself wanting things I can’t have and I try to fuel these sort of feelings into becoming better and work harder.
    Thanks so much for this post! Lets follow each other.
    Love from

    • lauzieslifestyle says

      Thank you for taking the time to read! It’s amazing that you have outgrown your weaknesses because many people still struggle. I think it’s human to want things you can’t have, but taking that energy and fueling it into your work, is the best way possible. X

  3. Renia Jaz says

    Jealousy…such an ugly feeling but on the other side… maybe its there for a reason?
    This was a very interesting post. Thank you for sharing! I absolutely love your photo!
    Have a lovely day dear!
    Ven’s Wife Style

  4. lauzieslifestyle says

    Thank you for reading! I agree, I think there is so much pressure now as well. You are constantly told how tough everything is. Jealousy is normal, it only goes wrong when it’s too fixated and acted on.


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