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  1. angelspartaness says

    Very nice! I’m pretty sure I’ve used a Palmer’s product before. They are really good for the price. I’m the opposite of you, I think! I need more moisture in the winter and colder months! (in the winter I mix my lotion with petroleum jelly to get the most moisture!). In the summer, I feel like heavy creams are too much with all the sweat and the heat, but I do still moisturize. Anything coconut or coconut oil or cocoa butter is amazing, really hydrating, and smells fantastic!

    • lauzieslifestyle says

      I understand what you mean about needing more moisture in winter. I agree, heavy creams can be too much when it is hot. Because more of more skin is on show though, and because of the sun, I actually tend to make more of a point of trying to keep my body hydrated, in the summer. I’m a huge fan of lotions in general, but my favourite cocoa cream of Palmer’s, seems to be good all year round.
      I love anything coconut as well. Thank you for stopping by. x


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