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    • lauzieslifestyle says

      Thank you! I think I was wearing some Becca cream highlighter with a dusting of shimmery eyeshadow. Under my eyebrows, I used a pure white shimmer eyeshadow and blended it into a cream colour. They are from my Estee Lauder palette

  1. evailasite says

    You look great! Actually I agree with everything what you’ve written, and for example I hardly ever use foundation in summer, I prefer some BB or CC creams.

  2. lauzieslifestyle says

    So there are quite a few facial mists. I really like the Evian one which you can purchase in Boots. I am also a fan of the Lush one which lasted me quite a while. I spray every few hours or whenever my skin feels dry/dehydrated, or I just need a little pick-me-up.
    You know it’s funny you mentioned that. I used to NEVER burn. I would almost brag about that point. Karma came around though and a few years ago, I suddenly saw burn marks from the sun. I suppose I have quite naturally tanned skin. I try to rely on products more for glow and only stay in the sun for short bursts of time.
    You don’t have rubbish skin though! I have a lot of acne scars that lighting and makeup cover up well. x

  3. lauzieslifestyle says

    Same! I’ve got into the habit of exfoliating my lips every night with an extra toothbrush and then applying a lot of lip balm. They say dehydration can be a cause of dry lips, but I always feel that I drink plenty of water. Try adding rubbing lip gloss into your lips after applying lipstick, if you used it. x

  4. lauzieslifestyle says

    Thank you! Honestly, it was perfect lighting and my skin doesn’t usually look that good. I swear by using eyeshadow to highlight though.
    Sun protection is really the best one. That and drinking water right. x

  5. abbeycoseattle says

    I think a great gloss goes a long way in the summer! I am a big fan of my hair up in the summer too… I hate having sweaty hair stick to the back of my neck and can go a lot longer between shampoos if it just pull it back.

    • lauzieslifestyle says

      Hey Abbey, two of your comments ended up in my spam folder – no idea why! I’m replying late now I know, but I wanted to comment back. And sorry about the delay!! Thank you for reading and I agree, I hate sweaty hair. My hair annoying gets oily quick so I do end up washing it quite a bit.

  6. Azra says

    I agree with lip gloss, it just makes you look fresh, pretty and youthful. Also facial sprays are so nice for summer, super refreshing. xx

    • lauzieslifestyle says

      I know I think I am over the matte trend at the minute, because I love the finish of some gloss. And facial sprays are the best – especially after a long day. Thank you for reading. xx

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