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  1. hesaydo says

    Thank you for great article. My only way for now to bring up my positive energy is to use some forms of meditation. There are many times where I feel ‘comfortable’ (?) falling into negativity, expecting people for validation. Stop seeking validation is where I still need to work on 🙂

    • lauzieslifestyle says

      I am trying to get into meditation and it is a lot harder than it looks! I understand what you mean. It is in a way natural and comfortable to keep on thinking negatively and looking to others. Sometimes I feel insecure and I wait for a friend to give me reassurance.
      It is an amazing thing to work on though and if you can seek validation within yourself, it leads to great contentment. I like the idea of treating yourself how you would treat a friend.

  2. angelspartaness says

    I definitely relate to this. Staying happy is certainly a full time job. I wouldn’t necessarily say that I wake up happy, although mornings are usually my most happy time. I’m usually up early and I’m energized and motivated, and there’s nothing I like more than a slow, pleasant morning with my bf, so yes I usually wake up happy. People might envy me until I tell them that my happiness, mood, even confidence all start dipping around noon, and then it’s like a constant battle to build myself up again. I will say that making sure I’m taking care of myself does help. Eating healthier and getting some exercise does wonders for how I feel inside and out. Being outside helps a lot, and so does relaxing and doing fun things. But I also need to make sure I’m working, too, otherwise the feeling of falling behind or being lazy just push me down even farther. It’s hard to maintain balance, but that’s how I do it. Definitely “faking it til I make it” for sure.

    Once again, excellent post, and thanks for sharing so many deep and personal thoughts 🙂

    -Helene <3

    • lauzieslifestyle says

      Thank you for taking the time to leave such thoughtful comments. I saw your new post on my reader so I’m going to dedicate time purely for going through your blog!
      I wake up happy in the morning as well. There’s so much promise and opportunity for the day. But my noon, I feel my energy dip and it’s a little fight to remain positive and motivated.
      Exercising and eating healthy really does helps. The minute I over indulge or quit working out, I feel incredibly fatigued.
      I’m glad you spoke about this because not many people do. X

  3. niccimcshane says

    I think it’s really hard to try and be positive all the time, I’m currently going through the same thing but about a relationship. Struggling to try and pick myself up and see the good things about it ending instead of reaching for some wine to blot out the pain for a while but it’s a constant battle xxxxz

  4. Lee says

    It’s bravery to admit about faking it to you make it. A lot of us do this but don’t admit it. I was the same and still am most of the time. I try to post positive things, encourage and inspire people but I guess I don’t always take my own advice. I’m definitely working on staying more positive. It’s not possible to be positive and happy every moment of life but feeling down and low about so many moments are no good.

  5. ciarralorren says

    As a perfectionist and without a doubt my worst critic, I can relate to this on so many levels! It’s such a shame but staying positive really is a full-time job because we are always striving to be our very best and even that doesn’t satisfy us sometimes! But truthfully, we really need to lessen the pressure we put on ourselves and love we are! Like I said on your last post, you are such a beautiful person inside and out! Keep staying positive beauty!

    • lauzieslifestyle says

      Thank you Ciarra and equally – you are beautiful inside and out. I’m a perfectionist and my worst critic as well. Even when I know I have done everything possible, I can then question all the alternatives. We definitely need to lower the pressure otherwise we will never be satisfied. Xo