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  1. lauzieslifestyle says

    Thank you for reading. It is a shame how misunderstood she has become. I think so many people wanted to be attached to her, so they found any excuse to discuss her – even if they had only met her once.

  2. Mariam Shittu says

    Wow I need this. It will be nice to read her own views not all those misquoted quotes. I love the way you described the book and all you know in detail. Thanks for this.

    • lauzieslifestyle says

      Thank you, it is really nice to read her own quotes and thoughts. She did also do a last interview a few days before she died, there is a YouTube video of this with her own voice, or you can read about it if you type in her final interview. But yes, the book is amazing,

          • Mariam Shittu says

            I just watched it. She displayed an intelligent, deep thinking side that I’ve never seen or heard before. It just goes to show all these celebrities have a lot of demons they face. She seemed happy on the outside but was so troubled on the inside. Such a sad way to die though.

          • lauzieslifestyle says

            I am so glad that you watched it! We see it happen with a lot with stars now, they might be on drugs or heading to rehab. I think many of them are ‘human’ and feel normal emotions of anxiety, sadness and stress etc. But because they are stars, they are expected to never complain and to always be grateful – as they are living the dream.
            It is sad with Marilyn because she had such a glow about her. I think she became numb to playing the character – she said Marilyn was a persona. It is a really sad way to die.
            You might find this interesting – a documentary I watched spoke about her sadness. When she filmed ‘The Misfits’ – the film her husband Arthur wrote for her, she was really upset because the character portrayed her as a drunk and in a bad light. She then read a diary entry of his which said that he found her embarrassing. After the film was done, they divorced and she relied so heavily on drugs.
            She had an assistant (I think it was her acting coach’s wife) that would make her decisions. Even on film, she would look at her to see if she did a good performance and if her assistant said no, she would ask to refilm. In the end, she didn’t have many people to rely on and many friends spoke about her. You think how many of them wrote books and revealed secrets after she was gone.

  3. straightfromthestudentsmouth says

    The whole story of Marilyn is so sad, the way she is portrayed is such a shame, along with her death and how young she was.
    She had her whole life a head of her. This kind of thing truly saddens me, she is an icon but for many incorrect reasons. Thank you for recommending this book, I will definitely have to have a look at it! I’m interested in the truth about her and it would be refreshing to have an insight into her life from her own words!! X

    • lauzieslifestyle says

      Many Old Hollywood stars experienced really tragic lives. They were manipulated and controlled by the studio system and either died young or dead broke. Only a few like Elizabeth Taylor and Audrey Hepburn etc, managed to go on and have happy lives.
      I would definitely suggest that you look into it. There are some really fascinating documentaries on her as well, many I believe on YouTube. She had so much anxiety and struggled to sleep. She ended up taking sleeping pills and then uppers or morning pills to keep her going – which was common practice back then. This led to her addiction and perhaps overdose. X

  4. lauzieslifestyle says

    I know you love Old Hollywood, so I thought that you would appreciate this. There is so much about her that is not true. She has said some amazing quotes though and if you search her last interview, you will find many of them. One of the last things she said was “please don’t make me look like a joke”.

    • lauzieslifestyle says

      Yeh I saw those photos. She wasn’t pregnant in them. She had suffered miscarriages though and during the filming of Some like it hot, she was pregnant and lost the baby.
      Most stars back then had quite sad lives. You had people like Rita Hayworth who had to change her entire identity and lost all her money to men who used her, but there was something about Marilyn – maybe a vulnerability that makes me think how bad it must have been at times for her. I am glad that you are looking up the book. I purchased it off Amazon. xxx

  5. lauzieslifestyle says

    Thank you, I am really glad that you enjoyed. It was one of my favourite articles to write. I studied Old Hollywood in film back in college, so that really helped I think, in putting this together. x

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