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  1. hoiyinli says

    Such an enlightening, positive post!
    I have previously doubted myself many times, and actually, not too long ago. Now I’m on a positive streak again, I feel more free to blog the things that I truly care about and if my readers are true, they will follow too! I got too caught up before on problems that are not really problems, such as blogging consistently, having a blogging schedule, getting self-hosted even (I’ve dropped that idea now, it’s just not worth the hassle!) and I guess, being good enough. But we have to ask ourselves, if we think we’re not good enough, then why do we continue to blog? Next time I feel bad, I will definitely think about your post. 🙂

    • lauzieslifestyle says

      I used to worry about blogging schedules and being consistent, but I gave up on that and it don’t think it has affected my following. I think it is more to do with finding a good average. So if you go from posting everyday to then once a week, that can be frustrating. But if you go from everyday to 5 days, or 4 days to 3 etc, I don’t think it is a problem.
      I have doubted myself and being a perfectionist, I always seem to think that something is missing. But I realised that blogging is far more complicated than what people give it credit for. We are basically playing editor, writer, marketer and promoter all in one. I think you do have to stay true to what you care about so that you are happy with your content. When you have self-doubt, just remember that it’s normal and you can work on anything that is bothering you.

    • lauzieslifestyle says

      Thank you!! It took me 2 months of posting daily and being lucky if someone actually commented. My advice is to constantly put yourself out there. Focus more on gaining connections instead of what you are posting. Eventually, people will take interest.

  2. lauzieslifestyle says

    Hey Saabri, it is good to know that you are back!! I hope your health is ok now and all is well!
    Thank you so much for that lovely compliment! I have many milestones and things that I want to do with it, but hopefully I do get there.
    I also will look forward to your posts. It makes me happy because you upload fantastic content! x

  3. travellinggirl21blog says

    Brilliant post again, thank you so much for this Laura 🙂 I’ve seen you go from strength to strength on here and whilst you started at a really good level, your posts just keep getting better and better 😛 It’s really made me think about my blog a lot so thank you so much 🙂 xx

    • lauzieslifestyle says

      Thank you!!! Actually, the first couple of months, I could barely get a like or comment. It was during the last few months, that I suddenly created a following.
      It means everything for you to say that my posts are getting better. I do worry about one day not being able to keep up the content or what not, but we have to go with our gut feelings!
      Equally I love your posts and always want to read them when I see them on the reader. xx

      • travellinggirl21blog says

        You’re very welcome! 🙂 I can’t believe that at all! You always have lots of stuff to post about and I bet you will continue to 🙂 Exactly! Post about the things you enjoy the most and everything will come naturally 😛 and thank you so much for your lovely comments still! xx

  4. ivefoundwaldo says

    As always, your post got me to thinking. There are so many talented bloggers out there that are willing to work for free because these companies have the upper hand. I can’t wait for the day where it is the norm for a company to pay us for our services. Like you said, people read and interact with our content, and thus making ourselves extremely valuable. The fact that we have to be surprised if people want to pay us without a fight, is a little sad. We have to be confident and proud of the brand we are building for ourselves xxx

    Melina |

    • lauzieslifestyle says

      The thing is as well, if someone goes to your blog wanting to collaborate, they are going to you because they know that you are valuable. So unless you find it equally beneficial, it is not worth doing. But I think many bloggers feel that they need to accept anything and everything.
      It happens to writers as well. Anything creative, people can take advantage. It is almost assumed that unless you have studied and have an ‘intellectual’ career, you should always be honoured to work for free. Like somehow your skills are less useful.
      It is quite sad about the industry and people that are not getting paid, might believe that maybe they are not good enough. As you said, we have to be confident and proud of the brand that we are building for ourselves. xxx

  5. angelspartaness says

    Thank you for posting this, Laura. This really opened my eyes and made me think about some things differently. My blog is really new, too, and sometimes I lack confidence in the work that I do. I try to show myself as a professional and someone whose blog and work is to be taken seriously, but sometimes I do doubt myself. I definitely want to increase my skills and my confidence to better portray these goals. But I still want to remain humble and kind, too. That’s one thing I like about the blogging community, a lot of people are kind, or at least, the overall majority are. Anyways, thanks for posting and hope to hear more on the subject from you!


    • lauzieslifestyle says

      I think all bloggers are really worried or afraid about not looking kind or humble. Which is why I think so many put in disclaimers and feel that they have to really explain themselves.
      But I think we need to trust in our personalities and realise that if we are nice people, we can portray that with our words. Professional to me is someone who can talk confidently about their work without bragging or being overly declarative.
      What I really wanted to emphasise with this post, is that we should be proud of the success of our blogs. We should not be insecure about them, otherwise people can take advantage. Especially other bloggers!
      You have a great blog and with each month, you will learn new skills and become more confident. You should not doubt yourself. x

  6. SimpleSerenity says

    I get really worried that I’m not putting the right content all the time. Also sometimes I feel like my blog post can look so much better and more “professional”, even though I spend a lot of time putting everything the way I want it. I’m happy with my blog right now, but I want it to look really professional and I can only get that when I go self hosted, so that’s my next plan. xx

    • lauzieslifestyle says

      My plan is to go self-hosted by the end of the year. I understand what you mean, I can be very critical and I always think that someone else’s blog looks better or mine is not professional. But I am trying to teach myself that I do have readers and I must be doing something right.
      You have a very popular blog and so you should be very happy with it. 🙂 I am sure it will look amazing once you go self-hosted. xx

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