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    • lauzieslifestyle says

      It is a big worry of mine when I take selfies – I think what if I missed something in the background? But some people, I think generally throw clothes everywhere and put rubbish on the floor, before taking a photo. Why they do I don’t know, but I cannot understand either why you would take a photo in a room that’s a mess! xx

      • SimpleSerenity says

        For me it is crazy to have messy room, I could’t live in that kind of place. And showing that to public is even worse, that’s why white background is the best, it makes selfie clean and you in focus. xx

  1. lauzieslifestyle says

    Haha when I last saw the sun, I just went round snapping images of everything. Like even the plants in my garden, because I just thought – this could come in handy for a post one day!
    Thank you for the compliment and glad that you like the tips! The app is a really good idea. It’s nice to get a professional to advise sometimes!

      • niccimcshane says

        Ha yes I’m not so great at selfies. I think it goes back to what we were saying yesterday about my lack of confidence in how I feel and look etc. I’ll definitely be taking on board what you have shared! Xxx

  2. Siyana says

    Yes I absolutely agree about the background! I can’t stand some girls who wear super fancy and expensive clothes and stuff, and their rooms is looking literally disgusting at the same time!

    • lauzieslifestyle says

      The worst for me is when I see the inside of a really horrible toilet. I just think – at least slightly close the cubicle door!
      I do not understand girls who wear expensive clothes and then pose with mess everywhere either. It completely distracts from the image and does not portray them as classy or fancy – despite what clothes they are wearing!


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