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    • lauzieslifestyle says

      I want to switch to film and disposables as well – or at least have the option to use them! We really have lost authenticity and editing seems to have taken over from actual imagery. x

  1. niccimcshane says

    This is a wonderful post and written in such a lovely way. It really did take me back to the times when we used to collect our photographs using the wind-up Kodak and not once did we think oh I look fat or even question how we looked! I have made a promise to myself to not try to pose nor ask others to when I take pictures, I am merely going to capture the memory as it is xxxx

    • lauzieslifestyle says

      I remember kodak’s! I loved taking mine on school trips but usually snapped random images like birds and horses haha! I remember asking my parents to pay and develop them, to literally find the most random photos.
      My friend who is a videographer, told me that film is now very expensive. Digital camera are not as good as the camera used back then.
      I am going to try and capture the memory as it is as well. I noticed just looking at my grandparents photos, I can get a sense of their personalities. I don’t want to be someone who just screams poser! They say a great model is one who does not look like they are modelling. xxxx

  2. lauzieslifestyle says

    I used to really over edit. I look back on photographs a few years ago and it looked like I had applied self-tan. I used to increase saturation so high it was ridiculous!
    I could not agree more with you. People even photographers, do not put as much thought in because they know that they are not limited. People were also much more natural back in the day. There was an effortlessness about their poses.
    Sometimes I wish I could be more relaxed because my photos can be so over-posed. And filters can take away the quality. It’s something I am really going to think about now. I just wish phone cameras were better. xxx

  3. lauzieslifestyle says

    Digital camera are not as good as film. Back in the day, photography was of higher quality. I actually worked with a photographer who had a lense from the 50’s and it was amazing how different the images turned out.
    Camera phones and digital camera are not as flattering in my opinion. Even the angle on our phones is not the best and because of the pixels, everything seems to show up. So many times I have liked my look but then took a photo and thought huh?!!
    I agree with what you said – “the mirror doesn’t correspond with what my camera sees”. I think we also have a masked view these days of what beautiful is. On Instagram, the most edited photos seem to be the most popular. I think you are very beautiful and I have not seen a bad photo of you, so I don’t think you are bad at posing! xx

  4. Infinite Living says

    You bring such amazing perspectives here that I absolutely agree with! Some of your statements are very profound – yes, there has to be some life in the photo, yes I would like to be grateful for the normal too. Using your grandmother’s pictures really illustrates the point you are making. I too have succumbed to learning techniques to pose well, only to find out I don’t look very natural when I do that …so now I try to achieve the combination of having a good posture yet feeling very natural about the way I hold myself. Loved your post!! I hope we capture more moments carefreely being ourselves!

    • lauzieslifestyle says

      I have to say, I love black and white images as well. Some of the photos of my grandma, I would not be able to create the same black and white tone. I think the cameras were of a much higher quality back then. Nowadays, it is all about digital and speed.
      I think the combination of good posture but feeling natural is perfect. On my next shoot, I want to focus on not looking so ‘posey’.
      I really hope we capture more moments being carefree. I might force myself so I can post about it lol!

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