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  1. travellinggirl21blog says

    Wow absolutely stunning girl! <3 also, I know you've had the change of picture for a while now, but you look amazing! 🙂 I have to totally agree with the things you said there too, you can sometimes get too comfortable with things to the point where you don't realise what you're missing out on. That's why I always like to try new foods/vacations/activities the time and it looks like you had a lot of excitement there too 🙂 xxx

  2. Infinite Living says

    I think when we come back from somewhere different, it is an indication of having lived that time to the fullest 🙂
    I too juggle through the thought process of what if I lose all I have or miss out on more, if I change my routine for a while. Thankfully I could always leave those nagging doubts behind and really be present in life at that time. Works out better for the peace of mind and also being open for new possibilities. I enjoyed how you shared your experience truthfully, gives me the joy of resonance.

  3. inamessyworld says

    You look amazing!! Vacations always makes me see things differently – my mind becomes much clearer, and my worries suddenly seem so tiny, which is why I plan on travelling more. I’m glad you had such a nice time! =)

    • lauzieslifestyle says

      Thank you!! My worries really do seem much smaller since coming back. I guess because it is easy to get caught up in what you are doing – the minute you leave your situation, you can get some fresh air.

  4. ivefoundwaldo says

    I’ve always had the travel bug. I almost never want to go back, but when I went on my cruise in June and Costa Rica last month, it was so odd. I felt like I came back a new person. I can completely relate to what you’re talking about. I have to say that I don’t think you’re ever going to lose the momentum of being an amazing blogger. Your posts always inspire me in some sort of way, as I assume it does to others. You were made to be amazing at whatever you set your mind to, and just cause you take a little break, doesn’t mean that that is going to change xxx

    Melina |

    • lauzieslifestyle says

      Thank you Melina! Your comment made me smile. When I came back I did look at my blog and think – why were you worrying? There is a blogging pressure to be constantly active 24/7 but occasionally it is nice to not write or blog.
      Both of your holidays looked absolutely incredible so I am not surprised at all that you came back feeling like a new person. Hopefully the feeling will continue to last and the new perspective is permanent – which I am sure it will be! xxx

  5. Mrs.S LDN says

    Wow! That was some powerful reading Laura!
    I do think that is why they said travel broadens the mind. It gives you time to step back and to simply think of whatever comes into your head. I don’t think its to unusual to feel this way, if anything i would say the holiday worked!!
    Good luck with the vegan diet, looking forward to hearing how you get on with it!

    • lauzieslifestyle says

      Thank you! I will do a post when I fully get my head around it. So far the veganism is going well, but the struggle will probably come when eating out.
      I also think travel just introduces you to new people. I guess London is nice because everyone is so unique, but when away you come across people who live completely different lives. The holiday worked although I am now more desperate than ever to go on another – and then another :P. xxx

      • Mrs.S LDN says

        I can imagine, eating out on most diets is a huge struggle! I suffer with this the most.
        I really wanna go more veggie and see how I get on. It’s just hard finding nice filling recipes… Where do you find yours?

        Ahh yes the travel bug! Its normal i swear…. 🙂 xxx

        • lauzieslifestyle says

          There is not much variety in cafe’s. Places like Eat and Pret charge a fortune just for a sandwich and drink. Or some salad which is not filling and comes with a sugary sauce.
          I will get a post down this week on a plant-based diet.
          I am going to post a health article later today but I do not have enough images yet to write about recipes lol. xxx

          • Mrs.S LDN says

            Oh my have you been into Chopped or Tossed?? Nearly £7 for a box of leaves!! It’s mental!! Looking forward to learning more for sure!! I sent you a mail re: pics xxx

  6. niccimcshane says

    I completely understand where you are coming from. When I left to go to Singapore last month I felt stressed as hell. I literally felt that being on the other side of the world was comforting, I didn’t have crazy pressures. When I got back I was a bit lost, what did I do now? It took me a while to find my feet again xxxx

    • lauzieslifestyle says

      I cannot imagine what it is like to live permanently elsewhere. I cannot remember how long you have been in London now but I do want to travel and live in another country for at least a year! I would also love to visit Singapore one day! xxxx

        • lauzieslifestyle says

          I probably say it every year but this year has gone so fast! I cannot believe that I have been blogging for 8 months now!!
          I will hopefully do both recommendations one day! I have no idea where I would want to move too though. xxxx


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