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  1. ialysee says

    Love this post! I am definitely introverted! I think these tips can definitely help you to love things you might see as flaws in yourself! We need to be much easier on ourselves!

    • LauraJ says

      Thank you! I think introverts struggle as even in high school, it’s usually the extroverts who are considered ‘cool’ and ‘popular’.
      We really need to be much easier and realise that imperfections are normal. 🙂 Thank you for reading.

  2. Angelina Souren says

    Wonderful post. I too recognize some of myself in that post. I used to be known as a loud chatterbox among some people – and yes, I am energetic by nature – but one of the reasons why I became a loud chatterbox was that people kept saying things like “Why are you so quiet? Is something the matter?” (as if I would tell them, ha ha). Becoming a loud chatterbox got them to shut up about me being too quiet.

    I am not a real introvert, but I am not a real extrovert either. I am somewhere in between. I want the noisy parts of life balanced by a lot of quiet. When I had jobs that required me to talk all day, in tourism for instance, I wanted to come home to peace and serenity, and I so enjoyed not having to talk then. And when I live close to a shoreline, I can sit quietly watching the waves for hours, all by myself.

    I have got some consolation, too, maybe. After I became a loud chatterbox, a lot of – okay, some – people thought that that was all I was. A loud chatterbox with nothing to say. LOL! I don’t blame them.

    Very occasionally, I still automatically slip into that old chatterbox mode. Usually when I don’t know what to say to someone, and/or when it looks like the other person and I may not have a lot in common. Hasn’t happened in years, I think. People I can be completely quiet with are rare, and true treasures.

    • lauzieslifestyle says

      Thank you! This is really interesting. I think I would have loved to of been louder when people called me out for being quiet, but I never quite knew how.

      I am somewhat the same as you now. I can turn on ‘loudness’ and be quite bubbly and social, but then I need to go home and just relax. I definitely need alone time.
      Being quiet with someone else, I think shows a level of comfortability. I agree, there is not many people I can be completely quiet with.

  3. lauzieslifestyle says

    Thank you!!! It is funny you mentioned about the writing. I have done it all my life but only when I started my blog, did I actually tell people. Otherwise, I do not think anyone would even know that I liked it! Flaws are imperfect perfections right. xx

  4. The Creative Corner by Tahli says

    I really, really enjoyed this post! I find that I struggle with disliking myself too, and it’s not necessarily that I don’t like what I look like, but more so that I feel lost and not confident in who I am as a person.
    I recently started my own blog to try and help me gain confidence with who I am, I would love any feedback you might have if you get a chance to stop by 🙂

    • lauzieslifestyle says

      Thank you! Blogging definitely helps you gain confidence. I think it has really defined me as a person. Although it took months and months before I felt proud of it.
      I will have a look at your blog now. 🙂

  5. SimpleSerenity says

    Stepping out of comfort zone can be so hard, but when you do it you feel amazing. It’s like life changed in just a second. You did awesome job with this post lovely, well written. xx

  6. Paolo B. says

    Some great reminders here. It does take awhile to grow into your skin so to speak. Learning to be comfortable with who you are takes time. Being selfish with your goals and being able to laugh at your flaws are definitely great things to help you get there. Everyone is quirky in their own way when it comes down to it, no wrong or right or better indeed. Thanks for sharing!

    • lauzieslifestyle says

      Thank you for reading! I love how summarised this. Being comfortable in your skin is like a journey. I don’t believe I have ever met many people who have naturally been confident.

  7. jesfarquhar says

    I love this post!! So much of this can apply in my own life. I’m also extremely introverted and self conscious. Like you, I am also working on it but I love your advice and plan to take it to heart. Do you have anyone in particular you could sort of recommend, that had had similar situations but has overcome to be successful that I could idolize? Lol!

    • lauzieslifestyle says

      Thank you! I wish I was more carefree at times. But introverts are known to be creative and natural deep thinkers. I like the fact that Abraham Lincoln was known to be an introvert. Audrey Hepburn declared herself as one. Also J.K Rowling I find really inspirational. She is an introvert who battled depression.
      There are many stars out there who in interviews admit to being shy. Blake Lively and Emma Watson are two other examples if that helps. 🙂

  8. Infinite Living says

    I simply loved this post!! There are so many gem of a statements in here that I wish I could highlight as I read. Your journey of self discovery and evolution feels resonant to me in many ways …and I applaud you for the journey and the expression of it.

    • lauzieslifestyle says

      Thank you!!! I am really happy that you could resonate. I feel that people do not discuss personality enough and the insecurity that can come with it.
      The expression of your poetry has helped me immensely and I enjoy trying to figure out the meanings behind it.

      • Infinite Living says

        You are very welcome. I agree with you, there are too many things that are kept unacknowledged and so I love your clear writings.
        I am glad and grateful that you take the time with my poetry and use it that way 🙂