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  1. shewrites170 says

    Neat tips
    Thanks for sharing !!
    Be it summers or winters, who doesn’t want to stay happy and endorphins are my drug. I too love gymming.
    I am living in Stockholm and it’s cloudy and cold mostly with lack of sunshine and natural vitamin D, it gets gloomy. Working out cheers me up. Though there are days when I feel like staying curled up in Sofa and reading a good book on my Kindle but mostly I succeed in motivating myself to go to gym.
    And you look very toned in your pics now though you were thin even before.
    Tip – use cardio for warm up but focus on strength training. While cardio makes you burn fat while you are doing it, muscle building makes you burn fat even when you are sitting or doing nothing.
    Keep blogging keep inspiring !!

    • lauzieslifestyle says

      Thank you for reading and for your tip! I have to admit though that I do prefer cardio. I am trying to do more with weights however.
      It is great that you have the motivation to go to the gym and find the balance. I think in my before photo, it was not so much that I did not like my shape, but I was on a bad diet and not properly being healthy. Where as the right photo now, I am actually eating and exercising.

      • shewrites170 says

        Knowing your food better and choosing the mix of nutrients wisely help a lot in overall wellbeing. Food not only impacts weight but also our moods and energy levels. From last week I am using this app HealthifyMe, it helps me in keeping track of my food intake in terms of different categories- proteins, carbs, fats and fibre, it helps me maintain a balance and cheat less on my diet. Try it you might like it.

  2. hoiyinli says

    I have to say – I do prefer working out in the autumn/winter compared to the summer months. The summer months are too hot for me to workout, even if the British Summer is disappointing! However, I see this as an opportunity to go out walking more which kinda balances it out.

    Exercise really shouldn’t be for summer bodies though. I never really understood that concept but probably because I’m not a sun and beach kinda gal.

    • lauzieslifestyle says

      A few years back, I exercised purely for summer and then stopped after. I gained loads of weight and felt awful. I think it is a shame that so many people continue to still do it though, or they only exercise after christmas.

  3. ughmango says

    I love working out during winter, because well I just hate hate hate the heat! Even though I prefer cold weather I sometimes lose my motivation just because it’s so much nicer to get home after work and crawl under sheets with big warm sweater.. I really need to keep some of your points in mind when I feel like that!! xx

  4. Michael Sichico says

    Getting fit and healthy should be part of our daily routine. I’m happy for you staying healthy and I strongly agree that daily exercise shall be the greatest factor of younger looking skin. You may also consider supplementation since we can’t get all the nutrients from foods alone.