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  1. Stormy Dormy says

    I’ve never really thought about what I think of the term ‘soulmate’.

    I think the general idea is that a soulmate is somebody who you feel an instant and strong connection to, and somebody who understands you and makes you feel like you’re not alone. I would like to think that my current partner is my soulmate 🙂 He makes me very happy, because I feel he understands me in a way that nobody else possibly could – we have a very deep connection!

    I think a person CAN potentially have more than one soulmate, but that it doesn’t often occur simultaneously. I don’t know, sometimes I go through phases where I feel so connected with the world that I think everyone is my soulmate! I think that maybe any person has the POTENTIAL to be your soulmate, and that some people may have once been your soulmate, but that a person only usually has one current soulmate (if any,) if that makes any sense? All I know is that if I need somebody to just be purely myself around, I only feel fully comfortable doing that around my partner.

    Lovely post! x

    • lauzieslifestyle says

      Thank you!
      I completely understand what you are saying and I think it is lovely that you have a partner who you feel is your soulmate.
      I do think that in terms of romance, you generally have one current soulmate but that anybody could have been one previously. So your teenage self could have had a different soulmate.
      This was interesting to read and I like knowing how varied people’s opinions are. Thank you so much for taking the time to write such a detailed response. x

  2. jyo says

    Oh my uncrowned queen of WRITING…your feelings cracked me up and I absolutely agree with your words….I just love your posts❣❣

  3. whatismaria says

    I was in so much awe while reading this – so beautifully written and profound. You’re a very talented writer and I loved hearing your perspective on soulmates, something that is beyond the understanding of many. And I can definitely agree with what you’re saying and think that every person that comes in to our lives does so for a reason, and think that the term ‘soulmate’ doesn’t have a time frame attached to it – it’s so much more about how you feel in the moment.. Thank you for sharing this Xx

    • lauzieslifestyle says

      Thank you Maria!! I love that you mentioned time because I think many people worry that a soulmate must appear in their twenties or thirties.
      This is such a lovely comment and it means everything! Xx

  4. Infinite Living says

    Every single one, every single individual has shaped me into who I am today.
    Whilst the truth can be argued, some truths vary for every soul.
    Our lives are our memories …this whole para
    And the next para
    our souls were suppose to meet. And for a flicker of a minute, they were supposed to be mates – Bravo!!
    These statements reflect an amazing understanding of our human journeys together and as we intersect. I am in absolute agreement with you and love your writings adorably.
    Your post brings me some lines from a poem of my mine in the past …I am not recollecting the name now …I didn’t mention soulmates though. I will try to dig it out and maybe reblog it 🙂
    Keep writing from your heart my friend. I am thrilled to find the topics you are touching upon!

    • lauzieslifestyle says

      I probably say thank you to you everyday, but each time I say it, I truly mean it. So thank you!!
      If you can find it, definitely reblog because I would love to read it. I found this post really straightforward to write because the topic is so dear to me, so I want to keep these types of posts going.

  5. shewrites170 says

    They enter our lives to make us fall in love with ourselves, see the goodness in us, know our worth and make peace with our flaws. There are many soulmates it can be a mother, a friend or anyone as long as they are able to touch and move your soul. Beautiful post!!

    • lauzieslifestyle says

      Thank you! I really like how you summarised. “As long as they are able to touch and move your soul”.
      This is really true. It can be anyone and sometimes your most deepest soulmates are the ones you least expect.

  6. hell0chloe says

    I read this and fell in love with every piece of it, and then I saw your note at the end. Thank you so much, I’m honoured that I could inspire you in some way to write this post. I used to think we only ever had one soul mate, because I’d only ever viewed it as a romantic thing – one person on the Earth that was made for us, and us them. After my best friend passed, I realised she was my soul mate in a different way, thus leading me to explore the idea (and fact) that we can have many soul mates, platonic or romantic. Some people were just made for us, they were made to come into our lives and change us, our paths were supposed to cross and intertwine, the universe made it so. This was such a beautiful post as always and I love your interpretation of soul mates, because I agree .xx

    • lauzieslifestyle says

      Thank you girl!!
      I used to think the exact same way! Hollywood kind of teaches us that there is this one person out there who will make us feel complete.
      I am really happy that you loved reading. When I read yours, it made me think so much about life in general. I am still in the phase of getting completely over my ex and the term soulmate just resonated with me. All these memories started appearing in my mind.
      I believe that the universe brings people to us for a reason as well and that each person serves a purpose of some sort. xxx

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