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  1. LauraJ says

    You don’t sound horrible! There is not really a right or wrong – only opinion. I do love my phone but I definitely feel calm when I walk away from it. I imagine I put too much pressure on myself which gives me the anxiety. xx

  2. jbenz47 says

    This post was inspiring! I literally only dream of putting my phone down a little more, much less getting rid of it completely for a while. Our generation makes so many excuses for needing our phones, and while there may be some truth to that if work requires a phone or any form of technology, I think it would be an awesome thing for the world to go without mobile devices for even a day. Thank you for sharing! <3

    • LauraJ says

      It is crazy the amount of anxiety I felt when my phone broke. I think people rely on them too much and like you said, make too many excuses.. It is rare for me to not have my phone right beside me at all times, so that is something I am trying to change.
      Thank you for reading! :)

  3. Infinite Living says

    I catch myself sometimes worried that my phone might break down and I might lose some things forever and also I think I secretly wish that happens, so I cross the bridge of looking at my attachment to my phone in the eye, and win over it :) I need to be forced into the detox to experience life as is …I am not going to enjoy it so I am in no hurry :)

    • LauraJ says

      I did end up losing a few images and things that I kept. But I also think that it always sounds worse in our minds. After it happened, I kind of just thought, this is not the end of the world and moved on.
      When you cut down, it does feel really good. Thank you for reading. :)

  4. LauraJ says

    Finally right! It turns out one plugin was causing me all sorts of issues!
    I think that is part of the addiction. I feel this need to always be up-to-date that I end up over checking. Rather than just leaving it somewhere and going to it when I want to.
    Some people think that my real name is Lauzie. They are probably seeing me on their Reader and thinking – who is the style of Laura Jane? And what happened to that Lauzie girl? haha. xxx

  5. Beyoutiful says

    Yes love this!! I would totally do a phone detox for sure and it just feels amazing esp when you travel to just get your mind of everything and not always be on social media wondering what your friends are up to 24/7. It just feels so nice to live in the moment and enjoy what’s around you instead of taking pictures and posting it on Instagram or something. So glad to read posts like this that I can relate to and agree on! Thanks for sharing this girl <3

    • LauraJ says

      Thank you for reading! Even though I am still on social-media and using technology, I feel like right now I am on a detox. Because I set a daily time where I say ok – this long on Instagram, this long on blogging. And then when the time is up I get to escape and like you said…live in the moment. It is a nice feeling and more freeing!

  6. Jyo says

    Interesting topic Laura…I m very addicted to Insta as u know this…but being too obsessed is unproductive and unhealthy. I often suffer from headches nowadays. So now, I m trying turn off my mobile for two to three days a week, not looking at or posting to social media.

    • LauraJ says

      I think that is a good plan. I love social-media but I think with everything, there are limits. Your food photos are amazing though and you receive a high volume of comments, so it must be difficult for you to balance. I have a fraction of what you get and I struggle!

  7. LauraJ says

    I have actually noticed that as well recently. I am far less productive and almost tired when I stare at a screen for a long period.
    When I was a teenager, mobile phones started to become a ‘thing’ and I remember the first camera phones, bluetooth etc. But they were not that important to us because they only did basic things.
    Now, there are so many apps and social-media platforms. It is like they try to tell us that we have to constantly be up to date.
    It does bring out insecurities and allows us to get caught up in relatively minor things.
    Limiting my time on technology has really made a huge difference and I feel far less stressed! :)

    • LauraJ says

      I highly recommend it! Even if you just limit your time and maybe schedule one moment in the day to catch up on social-media etc and then move on, it can make a huge impact.
      There is so much that I want to read right now.

  8. SimpleSerenity says

    Great topic to talk about, I feel like most of people are addicted to their phone or just social media in general. I used to be so obsessed with instagram, I used to spend so much time on it. Then I realized that I’m missing out on so much, especially when it comes to being present when I’m in company. It took me time, but now day passes and I don’t check my insta which is so amazing, I never thought I could actually do that. xx

    • LauraJ says

      Instagram is really addictive I think because of the notifications. When it comes up on my phone that I have a new like or something, I have to look and then I end up staying on the app.
      I go through phases where I post all the time or hardly ever. I agree that you can miss out on so much, especially when in company. xx

  9. LauraJ says

    Thank you for reading! Your mum is definitely right. I think everything in life should have a balance, but technology is pushed in our faces and we can easily become consumed by! xx

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