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  1. Infinite Living says

    I loved this reflective post in many ways and as always I love your writing style. I realized too that my mind had been conditioned by the expectation of movie-like sparks, and so was everyone’s around me. Even though I knew that practicalities and realities of life exist between the sparks that may or may not even show up …the conditioned mind took over to judge relationships. There is so much depth and gratitude to be acknowledged in all aspects of life, including relationships. It is indeed a mystery and skill to be realized life long …what do we truly desire in a relationship that we mean to sustain the lifetime.

    • LauraJ says

      I love that your comments always make me think and you summarise perfectly. I have been very conditioned by Hollywood and almost taught through movies, what I should expect from relationships and from people.
      Life is a lot longer than 2 hours though and I guess overtime the Hollywood spark replaces with our actual needs and desires. Of course you can always have sparks in a relationship, but there has to be meaning to a person which goes beyond their charm. Thank you for reading.

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