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  1. Jyo says

    This is one of the greatest blessings, technology has bestowed upon our life. The chance to meet people who walks parallel paths to my path. What if the friends are online…I fall asleep chuckling with Americans and Canadians and wake up commiserating with people in Europe and Asia. And thanks to social media and blogging, I get to interact with all of them. If we can’t see this for the blessing that it is, may be, just may be the problem is with us.

    • LauraJ says

      I love how you put this. I can wake up and go about my day communicating with people from almost every continent.
      It is such a blessing and something that people can take for granted. I am truly grateful for friends like you. I can’t believe it’s been a year since we started talking. Thank you for your comment and reading. x

  2. IngridMadisonAve says

    This is an incredible post. I am new to blogging and I am amazed on how supportive and genuine everyone in the blogging community has been to me. They have been more of my cheerleaders than my IRL friends

    • LauraJ says

      Thank you! I was amazed too. When I first started blogging, I thought it would be this really competitive, cut throat business. But everyone has been so nice and just genuine. I love the blogging community.

  3. ivefoundwaldo says

    I have made so many online friends, people that I message on a regular basis that I don’t know what I would do without them! I consider you a friend. You are a person that I have followed since the beginning of my blog. I have learned so much about you, and at the same time we have supported each other loads! I am so proud to call you my friend, and consider it to have made a huge difference in my life! xxx

    Melina |

    • LauraJ says

      This really made me smile! I consider you a friend as well and I remember you being one of the first bloggers that I started to message regularly.
      It’s amazing how fast this year has actually gone. I feel like I am still brand new to blogging.
      My life would be really different if I stopped talking to my friends online – including you. xxx

  4. Infinite Living says

    This is a topic close to my heart and I am so glad you id this post, I enjoy your style and authenticity as always. Before I began engaging in the virtual world I had heard more judgments of how superficial the interactions than anything else. So I had this personal intention of blurring the line between real and virtual for myself. Anything I choose to engage in would be as real as any experience. Of course there is a difference in meeting a friend personally vs. online. But the intention can be of similar genuineness. We bond with some more than others. As you said – we can pick apart those we feel we can trust. Some relations are simply too precious to label anything but real, be it online or otherwise.

    • LauraJ says

      Hey lovely. I am so sorry that this response is late. I just found your comment stuck in my spam box. It’s really irritating when that happens.
      Thank you for reading and taking the time to comment.
      I had heard the same about virtual friendships as well. I thought it would be superficial but it has turned out to be one of the most genuine places. I’m so happy for all the connections I’ve made on here.

  5. kayleighrosee says

    This was so nice to read. I completely agree! It fills me with drive when people comment genuine, positive opinions of my work online. Like you have said, my self-esteem is creeping higher and higher every day since the launch of my blog and i defo see the worth of a supportive online friendship. If anything, i am hoping that i continue to meet like-minded people along the way & make more friendships every single day. Thanks for this. It really made me think. <3 x

    • LauraJ says

      Thank you Kayleigh. It is amazing the confidence boost that blogging can give, and I am so grateful that the community is friendly. I wish I had actually joined sooner but I was so nervous about the thought of people not liking me.

  6. SickChristine says

    This is so beautifully written. I have a rare tumor and the likelihood that I would ever just happen to meet a person face to face with the same tumor is quite small. It’s through social media and my blog that I’ve been able to meet and become friends with people all around the world who share my disease. I can’t say enough good things about online friendships. There are drawbacks sometimes, people who are not how they portray themselves to be, but mostly it’s just regular people wanting to connect and that is lovely.

    • LauraJ says

      Thank you Christine! I think the internet gets a bad rep because people assume most commenters are negative. In general, they are usually the nicest people.
      And they can really help when you are going through something that others around you cannot relate to or understand.

  7. hell0chloe says

    I loved this and I completely agree – so well written as always. I’ve grown up with online friends since I was around 13 and I still speak to them constantly to this day (I’m 20 now). They’re my best friends and I adore them, just because my relationship with them may be more virtual than physical, doesn’t make them matter any less. A great post .xx

    • LauraJ says

      Thank you girl!! That’s so cool that you have continued to stay friends with people you spoke to at 13. It must feel like you have grown up together. When you type in friends in the dictionary, the definition can be applied to both virtual and physical.
      As as long as they feel like a good friend, that’s all that matters. xx

  8. kaybe610 says

    Beautifully written… I really appreciate a lot of the people I met through social media and my blog! Overall it’s a very friendly world and I love how people respond to my blogs and IG feed. It’s true, they’re not real friends, but I love my virtual friends and I wouldn’t want to miss them for the world 🙂

    • LauraJ says

      Thank you! I definitely wouldn’t want to be without my online friends now. I guess because I am online everyday, it would feel like a huge gap if they just disappeared.

  9. J | thenellybean says

    I think we totally underestimate the power of online relationships as a society. Either that, or we don’t want to admit to it because of the social stigma that goes along with online relationships of any kind. I’ve definitely struggled with self confidence when I was younger and I do think that talking online helped me immensely with that, even if I wasn’t speaking to someone in the flesh. Most of my friends don’t care much for my passions either, and I’ve found that it’s much easier to find someone who shares your passions online. I think we should absolutely appreciate both, and online friendships should be seen as a “real life” thing, rather than something that belongs in a separate universe and shouldn’t be talked about xx

    Janelle |

    • LauraJ says

      I think it will be like online dating. I remember when it first became popular and no one would want to admit using it. People would actually tell in me secret that they met their partner online.
      Whereas now, it’s become so common. I think our generation will grow and make virtual friendships a normality.
      I think it’s sad that there is a stigma. Especially for anyone who feels insecure and trapped in their lives, the online world can be so helpful.

  10. whatismaria says

    So well written and honest as always! It’s funny because I have noticed in the last couple of weeks that strangers online seem to be much more supportive of what I do than my friends in real life, probably because the latter do not view blogging as a worthwhile activity or doubt that anyone can become successful nowadays in such a saturated industry. This is one of the many reasons why I love having online friends, as well as the fact that they make me feel less alone in my mindset and opinions. However, as you said, there is definitely a big different between them and the people we talk to in the real world, hence we must try our best to appreciate them for the value they bring into our life as opposed to being quick to point out their shortfalls. I definitely look forward to the relationships I’ll hopefully build as I get further into my blogging journey as so far they have been so much more meaningful and important than I could have ever expected!

    • LauraJ says

      Thank you Maria! I agree with you, people who are not bloggers tend to view this industry as kind of pointless. My friends have been far more supportive since they have taken the time to view my blog, but they just can’t have the enthusiasm that my online friends have.
      I am hoping to build more relationships as I continue blogging as well. x

  11. hoiyinli says

    As always, an interesting and relevant read. I have actually long had online friends of which a few I still keep in touch with and who I have known for over 10 years despite age difference and time difference! I have met one in real life abroad in Hong Kong for a mere few hours and it was really nice and casual. We don’t talk all the time, but we still have our own group chat on WhatsApp. It sounds really crazy so I don’t openly tell people this. Anyways, during my teens, I was really into discussion forums and MSN messenger. In a sense, that was my social media! Eventually a handful of us became really good friends and exchanged MSN because that was the thing to do back then. It’s hard to put into words because it probably can sound lame, but honestly, it was a lot of fun and I don’t regret having met these people in my life. Also, strangely I think it helped to open me up a bit because at the time, I was really quiet in school, most probably down to the fact that I felt like I didn’t fit in with the crowd I was surrounded by.

    I know the feeling about losing an online friend… A woman who was 12 years older than I am, she was like the big sister on the discussion forum that I speak of. She lost her battle to cancer a few years ago, something I learned from some online friends and a Facebook wall full of sadness. I still remember that day because it seemed so surreal and the whole thing was just sad because she got married not too long ago. I had not met her in real life, but I still really cared because we had exchanged some meaningful conversations and she was such a bright spark. With that in mind, online relationships do matter, even if they just pass you by.

    • LauraJ says

      Thank you! I had the biggest grin when I read MSN. It brings back so many memories!
      I remember driving my mum crazy because I would come home from school and just chat on MSN messenger for hours. And she would say..”who are you talking to?”
      I would reply “my friends from school” and she would argue that I had been with them all day.
      It’s really sad that she lost her battle to cancer. And I guess when a connection is based online, it’s sad because there is no warning. I cannot remember which celebrity, but I remember someone famous saying they found out their friend died when they went online.
      The fact that you remember her shows that she was important. Online relationships do matter and they can affect people dramatically.

  12. Courtney Livingston says

    I think this was very well-written and stated. Now that social media is such a HUGE part of our lives, I mean we literally spend an hour or more a day online without batting an eye, the relationships we make should be held to some sort of esteem. They are special and can be meaningful. However, I have seen people be sooo nice and talkative to me online and then I see them in person and they act standoffish- like a stranger. So I do think there needs to be some sort of a balance between online and real life interaction because developing relationships online could end up being artificial. But it’s interesting to think about. I think as social media continues to grow and grow, these types of relationships will become even more prevalent.
    Courtney \\

    • LauraJ says

      Thank you Courtney!
      I have never seen anyone in real life who I talk to online. I always wonder if I have actually walked past someone and just never realised.
      I understand what you mean. I guess some people as well maybe feel different online and then in person there is the nervousness that typing hides.
      I agree as well, I think these relationships will become more prevalent and social-media continues to become normality. xx

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