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  1. themindfulplanet says

    Absolutely love this post, really great job being so honest. I don’t often come across many other blogs with such an open post and written so well! Mental health awareness is my passion well done you and keep it up!.

    • LauraJ says

      Thank you!! Blogging has brought me out of my shell and made me more confident to admit my feelings. I don’t think that I could share this post with my family though.
      I really recommend watching the Head Talks videos. I am super passionate about mental health as well and wish that the stigma could just disappear. x

    • LauraJ says

      Thank you Amanda! I would be interested to read your tips on how you dealt with it, if you have shared any. I appreciate you taking time to read and comment. xx

  2. Deborah says

    So good for you to put this out there. May you go from strength to strength. With Christmas comes sad times for many – so on Christmas Eve I’m posting on estrangement & separation – another big issue causing so much sadness. Well done again – I have shared on Twitter <3

    • LauraJ says

      Thank you Deborah! I watched the talks and thought that the charity was really inspiring. I was more than happy to share and discuss my own experiences.
      Estrangement and separation is another great topic that I actually forgot to think about. My parents separated when I was a teenager.
      I truly appreciate you sharing, reading and commenting. I will look out for your post. x

  3. Losing the Plot says

    Well done for getting the message out. Unless you’ve been through it, it’s hard to understand just how debilitating depression is.

    • LauraJ says

      Thank you. That’s the thing. And sometimes people think that their experience is the same as everyone else’s. So they will say…you need to do this because that’s what my friend did and so forth.

    • LauraJ says

      Thank you! It is a huge positive. And I never realised how many people could relate to my thoughts until I started to fully express them. It’s a really nice feeling knowing that you are not alone.

  4. Sarah Klaren says

    I’ve suffered with depression since I was 12. My parents sought doctors’ opinions, and every single one told them I was “acting out for attention.” As I went through my teens and twenties, I got the same things you did: “You’ve got so much going for you” or “You’re so beautiful” or “You’re so intelligent” followed by “…you have no reason to be depressed!” People don’t understand, mental illnesses don’t NEED a reason to be there, they just ARE. We don’t CHOOSE to be depressed, and it’s not something we can just shut off because we are “beautiful” or “talented.”

    I followed you. It’s nice to know there are so many others like myself going through the same things. Looking forward to more posts from you. <3

    • LauraJ says

      Thank you Sarah!
      I haven’t been to the doctors but it is something that I do think about a lot. It’s a shame that you found the courage to tell people and seek help, yet you were treated in that way.
      You can’t really win at times. It is so shocking that in 2017, people think of depression as an excuse or something linked to people who choose to be ‘sad’. I hope we can one day get to a place where others realise that depression is not a set trait of things, it can happen to anyone. But unfortunately, even my family remind me that if you haven’t been through it, you can believe in stereotypes.
      It’s lovely knowing that you can relate so well to my story, although I wish neither of us had to experience this. xx

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