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  1. jyo says

    When I think of the phrase ‘fashion sense’, what comes to mind is having that knack of knowing what’s your style. And if you are able to incorporate the latest fashion trends to make it your ‘own’, then you definitely have that ‘fashion sense’….amiright Laura

    • LauraJ says

      You are right! 🙂 I think knowing which trends are for you as well. Sometimes I’ve tried to do really weird trends before and then regretted it later.

  2. LauraJ says

    Thank you! It means a lot that you take the time to write thoughtful replies.
    My style has definitely got better in my mind since I’ve become older. I think when you’re super young, you don’t really know yourself yet to figure out how you want to look or dress.
    And I love how you put that….confidence with substance.
    I like having good classic pieces too. There is some stuff I wear all the time and others I put on maybe once or twice.

  3. Losing the Plot says

    I love Kathryn Hepburn’s style, it suited her figure perfectly. I need a more curvaceous role model though, much harder to find.

    • LauraJ says

      She did have great style. I am a huge Old Hollywood fan in general. It is harder to find. Hollywood seems to have one ideal.

  4. anhistorianabouttown says

    I have a very classic sense of style, aka prep. I try to specifically buy pieces that are timeless, as trendy pieces don’t fit very well in my wardrobe and I don’t want to buy a piece that I’m going to get rid of a year later anyways. Some people have called my wardrobe boring but I’m okay with that- I love it, and that’s all that matters:)

    • LauraJ says

      I don’t get why some consider classic style as boring. I m the same too and much prefer buying timeless pieces rather than trendy that will get thrown out after a season. Thank you for reading 🙂

    • LauraJ says

      Thank you reading for Kirsty. I think a good outfit needs confidence as well, and people uncomfortable with their look will struggle to show that.

  5. Culture and Couture (@CoutureCulture_) says

    I loved this post and it sums up my feelings very well! I’m a fashion student but have pretty much no sense of fashion and everyone in my year dresses incredibly well, sometimes I try to be more experimental but don’t feel like myself so end up wearing the same four outfits time and time again. My style is quite reflective of my mood, comfy trainers, jeans and jumpers for when I’m not feeling fab and black heeled boots, a-line skirts and mesh tops for when I’m feeling good or want to impress! Thanks for sharing xoxo

    • LauraJ says

      You definitely have to do you. And I think style is so interpretational. Sometimes it’s even our own thoughts reflecting on to us. So many times I’ve told myself that I’m not fashionable and everyone dresses better.
      I love a good black heeled boot though and there’s nothing wrong with a good jumper! 🙂 Thank you for reading xxx

  6. Beyoutiful says

    I feel like fashion and sense of style is just all about confidence! For me, I just always be myself and I never copy my sense of style or anything from anyone. I just wear whatever interests me and I always go with a simple and elegant fashion sense. My confidence really makes me go a long way and everyone seems to love it. I always love your outfits and general style! Great post girl <3

    • LauraJ says

      Thank you girl! I’m pretty neutral. I admire the colour you put in your wardrobe though and I love looking at your jewellery!
      I agree about confidence. Style is being ok with your look and not being afraid to stay true to who you are. xx

  7. Infinite Living says

    I love putting together different pieces in my closet to create new outfits. I, like you do not obsess over new trends or latest fashion. I buy what looks interesting to me and wear it differently as different outfits. I mostly have solid colors without planning on it. I think my style too is simplistic yet am always complimented on having a good sense of style 🙂

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