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  1. Lis says

    This is such a well written and engaging piece! I can definitely relate to this…I think it partially stems from our constant desire for what we don’t have as well as our need for ‘instant fixes’ …a change in appearance is a much more tangible and measurable change than a mental transformation if that makes sense…and it’s likely to breed compliments from others which feeds into our need of approval…and I think it’s easier to change how we look rather than how we think so we go to that as a solution first….anyway, I think I’ve rambled on long enough…looking forward to reading more of your pieces

    • LauraJ says

      Hey, just followed you back now. I love that you rambled and I agree with all of it! It’s so much easier to change physicality. Salons, nail bars, cosmetic counters, even retail etc; our society completely accommodates appearance. But with improving who you are inside, there’s not really a place to go.
      Thank you sooo much for reading and crafting such a wonderful response. x

  2. Infinite Living says

    I absolutely love how clearly and boldly you approach these topics! The pursuit of perfection in the beauty and the feeling of it can easily turn into a chase that is difficult to win. I often look back on the time that I recovered from a long illness and how perfectly beautiful I felt – with tremendous amount of compliments coming my way. And sometimes I do want that phase back only for that reason 🙂 but I know and live better than that! Absolutely very very well said all that you said in your post.

    • LauraJ says

      Thank you!! I remember reading an article about women ageing in Hollywood and they can’t handle losing the feeling of no longer being ‘beautiful’ or perfect in society.
      You deserve lots of compliments and on a daily basis :). I guess what I’ve learnt, is that words are just words. And if you don’t inhale them, they will just vanish again with no real meaning.

  3. LauraJ says

    I get what you mean. I think style change has to happen with everyone, I mean I don’t people who still dress as they did when they were 12. I did make a conscious to completely overhaul though and it is funny looking back. One day I’ll be tempted to post my throwbacks. Thank you for reading and always your perfect comments 🙂 xxx

    • LauraJ says

      Absolutely agree! It needs dedication and motivation to fully transform, so you have to be certain before doing so. Thank you for your thoughts Megala 🙂

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