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  1. thelonelyauthorblog says

    Laura you have a wonderful blog. It is always has positive vibes and great tips. Sorry I missed some posts.

    We have the same tastes in style. I love Dior and Chanel. For men I love Hugo Boss and Kenneth Cole.
    Always refreshing stopping here. Have a wonderful week.

    How often do you post?

  2. Paolo B. says

    I’m not a big fan of fast fasion. I get it but it’s just not my thing. I like piece that I can wear over and over again and the look almost never gets old. Classic timeless all the way. My gf is all about the trends so it’s a pretty funny combo. haha.

    If only I knew that long time ago I would have had a really nice wardrobe by now. I try to only buy things that I will wear all the time for a long time now. I used to buy things because they were cheaper even if they didn’t fit quite right. Now I pay a little more and buy things that are exactly what I’m looking for even if I spend a little more.

    Love that you included Aaliyah’s quote btw, she was one of my favs.

    My favorite piece in my wardrobe is a navy blue overdyed chino. Good for a lot of occasions and can go with a plain white T or a button up. I wear it almost every chance I get. That and a pair of jeans is what I wear 80% of the time. Versatile, timeless and good for lots of occasions. Long lasting to boot!

    • LauraJ says

      I was talking to my friend about this the other day, saying how guys can get away with repeating outfits more. But girls can be more scrutinised. So I get why there is fast fashion but I really appreciate quality and I like being able to wear something again. It’s weird that people only want to wear things once. My only exception is a really plain white top or something – I can buy that anywhere.

      I love Aaliyah – she seemed so confident and content in her own skin.

      Chinos and jeans sound good. I’m obsessed with white shirts at the minute. That and jeans is just timeless.

      • Paolo B. says

        I do think guys get away with it easier too. Maybe because a dress is more noticeable if repeated? Still shouldn’t make a difference though.

        Can’t go wrong with a clean white T and jeans.
        So true. I’d wear that to work everyday if I could 🙂

  3. Beyoutiful says

    I couldn’t agree more! I def also believe style is more important than just trendy ones. I always just focus on my personal style and what suits me rather than just copying what everyone is wearing out there in the world. I don’t buy something just because its trendy and instead I go with something that reflects my own style. Great post girl 🙂

    • LauraJ says

      Thank you! I’m exactly the same. I’m just trying to figure out my own style and how I want to look. Right now it’s incredibly neutral. I love your look and even though I don’t wear much jewellery, I always appreciate seeing yours put together. x

      • Beyoutiful says

        Aw thanks girl, appreciate the compliment! I don’t accessorize too much but at the same time I feel the look should be elegant. Glad we have similar styles and opinions 🙂

  4. randomthoughtsbyhaya says

    I really agree with your post! I’m also trying to fill my wardrobe with more classic pieces rather than fast fashion because it’s just so hard to keep up with it! I think the best thing would be is to accessorize more classic outfits with a few trending pieces.

    • LauraJ says

      Accessories is a great idea. I just think that I’ve spent so much collectively on fast fashion and I don’t ever wear it again. Like so many dresses that I purchased for one evening and then realised I didn’t like.

  5. hoiyinli says

    Great post! I am buying much less fashion pieces but when I do, I make sure it’s a quality piece that I look forward to having in my wardrobe and most of all, look forward to wearing! No good is it, if it just sits in my wardrobe! The one thing I like about getting older is being able to wear pieces that I felt I couldn’t quite pull off in my teens or just after turning 18 or 20.

    I agree with you about what you said about Gianni Versace. I luckily got to study him in one of my projects at university (everyone had a different designer, we all chose a random piece of paper in a box). I admit I had my assumptions/it wasn’t my first choice but wow! I learnt so much from him, both as a person and as an artist. So, so happy to have studied him and so happy that his little sister is still able to continue his legacy. I really think he’d be proud of her. Still to this day, his designs are so iconic.

    • LauraJ says

      Do you mind me asking, what kind of pieces do you wear now that you couldn’t pull off in your teens?
      I just remember being that age and wanting to show as much of my body as possible. Because we are told that you need to do it all in your youth.

      That’s amazing about studying Gianni! I think he was a really fascinating character who really changed the fashion world and the style of the 90’s. It’s great that his sister has continued his legacy.

      • hoiyinli says

        A lot of jackets, some of them quite statement because they’re in an interesting colour or fabric. For example, I have this Zara jacket in a mustard yellow colour, suede fabric that I don’t think I’d have worn in my teens. I also feel things like leather jackets look better on you as you get older – I don’t know what it is.

        • LauraJ says

          That’s interesting. I haven’t thought about this before but there are probably a lot of things that I wear now, that I wouldn’t have previously.
          I remember when the leggings trend came into fashion. Girls would go to Primark and just buy loads of long tops to go over them.