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  1. kmmediaworks says

    Awesome tips! Also, for some reason I couldn´t comment on your “reasons to add your blog to your resume.” But the title states 7 reasons, and your first paragraph states 9 reasons. Keep up the awesome work — I’ll keep an eye as I continue to develop my blog.

    • LauraJ says

      Thank you! I appreciate you letting me know – I originally began with 9 reasons, but then realised my last two points were not strong enough or worthwhile to include. I found your comment in my spam – I’m not sure why it wouldn’t let you comment on the post.

  2. crystalsandcurls says

    Oh my god, these tips are BRILLIANT! I’m terrible at editing my work; when it comes to work I do but for my blog, I always find silly mistakes later. Will definitely be keeping these in mind. (Also, just sending you over an email now!) xx

    • LauraJ says

      Thank you girl! I will check my email. I think with blogging, we become so caught up in the words themselves – then you do your commenting and promoting etc. That editing easily takes a back seat. But again, being the editors of your blog, we are more likely to scrutinise and find those mistakes. xx

  3. BeingChloe says

    This is so helpful! I use Grammarly to try and help with spelling and grammar etc, but also Yoast SEO as it will let me know if my sentences are too long 🙂 Great post lovely x

    • LauraJ says

      Yes I love Yoast SEO! It made me realise how much I write using a passive voice. I haven’t tried Grammarly yet. x

    • LauraJ says

      Writing how you speak is quite a good thing. It makes you come across more natural and shows your personality. I can ramble though – I usually cut through quite a few words after my first draft. x

    • LauraJ says

      I try to write longer posts because it’s good for SEO, but I also think that people don’t read as much as these days. Sometimes shorter posts are just easier to digest.

  4. hoiyinli says

    Charismatic post and super helpful too! 🙂 I remember when I was starting out as a blogger, I read quite a few bloggers’ tips and they all said something about keeping posts relatively short. Whilst I agree somewhat, I personally love reading medium length-long length posts. Of course, I am guilty of writing wordy posts but I like to believe what I’m writing is of value! So true – why apologise for a long post? I’ll keep that in mind.

    • LauraJ says

      Longer posts are better for showing up on search engines. I just think it depends whether the writing is interesting or relevant.
      I try to write what I think is of value as well and hope my readers agree.

  5. ughmango says

    You made some really good points here and gave such a great tips! I am guilty of long sentences and I know I ramble a lot, I need to work on that! Helpful post!! xx

    • LauraJ says

      Yes I use just a lot. I usually end up taking the word away before publishing. And going back to a post is a great thing to do 🙂

    • LauraJ says

      I do want to spend more time on editing because I agree – it’s just as important. A lot of my time goes on actually thinking of blog ideas and promoting my posts. It’s hard to find a balance.

  6. Karalee says

    These are great tips! When I’m editing a post I always read it out loud then I use a grammar checker to make sure I didn’t leave out any commas or use the wrong tense.

    • LauraJ says

      Thank you for reading. I hope the tips are helpful. I’m a lot more aware of my writing since I have started putting in more thought on editing. x

  7. Infinite Living says

    Absolutely well thought and well written post dear friend! So many apt examples and your unique writing style always keeps me reading, topics that I rarely enjoy reading 🙂

  8. Melina Elisa says

    This was so so helpful. I feel like my writing’s improved loads since I first started, but there’s always room for improvement. In terms of writing tips, I always need help. I’ve never been the strongest writer. Pretty average, but I will never forget that I took this English class in College, and I ended up with a D. It was so discouraging, specially since I was just starting my English minor. I was going to give up. Here I am, and I think while I’ll never be the best research paper writer, as a blogger, I think I’m doing just fine. xxx

    Melina |

    • LauraJ says

      I guess blogging has taught me that practice makes perfect. Because I haven’t taken any writing courses, and yet my writing has greatly improved.
      I think you are doing fine as a blogger so I wouldn’t worry at all. xxx

  9. Mahalakshmi says

    These are wonderful tips that anyone can use while writing! As a Journalism student, I can vouch for the point about word repetition and rambling sentences. Punctuation is super important while writing, and I get this itch to correct spelling errors when I see them in writing. Great post!

    • LauraJ says

      Thank you! I hate when I make spelling mistakes. If I look back on any old blog posts, I will always have the itch to want to re-edit or change. But I guess a writer can only do so much before they accept their piece as it is. x

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