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  1. lifeofangela says

    All helpful tips for sure! Especially getting up close and personal to the mirror. Since i dont wear glasses, I always get really close to the mirror to make sure I’m applying my makeup well. But even if im wearing contacts i still do the same. It makes the process a lot easier and avoids potential mistakes

    • LauraJ says

      Completely. Especially with intricate things like mascara and eyeliner. If I don’t go close, it will look a mess!

  2. Always Cleia says

    This is such a great post! Normally when I read these types of post they’re like “Do this exact technique ONLY” so I love that your tips are well rounded. I’ve never thought to do the press not shake tip, I’ll try that next time instead of tapping out my brush.

  3. crystalsandcurls says

    These tips are brilliant! I definitely need to get more comfortable wearing red lippie; I love it on other people, but never go for it myself and I want to be brave enough to rock it! xx

    • LauraJ says

      Are you kidding! I think red lipstick would look amazing on you!! Like a really orange-red. You can always take baby steps and do a sheer red first or a balm, before lipstick. xx

    • LauraJ says

      Thank you lovely! That tip makes such a difference. I was taught it at makeup school, and always blend now. xx

  4. It Girl says

    I couldn’t agree more with the skincare tip. I keep telling that everyone. I find that a lot of people apply makeup too thick to cover any imperfections, but how about take care of them in the first place? great post! 😉

    • LauraJ says

      Thank you! I get why people try to use loads of coverage to conceal imperfections, because people are quite judgemental. But I also think it’s equally important to keep on top of your skin routine. 🙂

      • It Girl says

        Oh definitely! I’m guilty of that too. But I find some people put so much makeup to cover their faces up, but once I mention skincare they brush it off and say they don’t do anything to fix it or that they’re not into skincare. I feel like that is so counter productive.

        • LauraJ says

          Yeah I get what you mean. I put makeup on this women once, and she said oh my skin is so dry and awful. I asked about her routine – it turns out she never washes her face and barely applies moisturiser. When I tried to convince her otherwise, she laughed and said I can’t be bothered Some people can’t be helped!

  5. niccimcshane says

    Great post! And some really good tips there of what to do and what not to do. I’ve definitely done some of the ‘dont’s’ in the past! xxx

    • LauraJ says

      Thank you! Haven’t we all lol! I use to just run my brush through blusher and whack it on – the spend 5 minutes trying to diffuse! It just looked all patchy. xx