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    • LauraJ says

      It’s stock image from I put the photographer’s name under each photo. I wish I could take images like these though!

      • Chimène says

        Oh yes , you can all you need is a good camera dslr and a software for editing. I am working on it myself , I don’t want to use stock images. I want to make my own and even sell them. Lol, I am tempted to use them but they are terms and conditions that I might break if I do . Honestly, they look amazing keep the good job

        • LauraJ says

          It’s definitely top priority for me to get a good camera this year. I had a look at your photos and they look amazing! Really high standard so hopefully you can sell soon 🙂

  1. Paolo B. says

    I definitely prefer to drink my smoothies. The bowls look so much more photogenic that’s for sure. I’ve never heard of or orthorexia before, very interesting. I think there is a point when clean eating can become detrimental. Health to me is all about balance and sustainability and that means eating unclean every now and again and not beating myself up for it afterwards. Good points to bring up Laura!

    • LauraJ says

      Thank you Paolo! I guess with smoothie bowls you can really decorate them and show all these colours etc. Maybe the answer is to take a photo in a bowl and then pour into a glass!
      Health is definitely balance. I think it’s easy to get caught up in wanting to eat clean 100%. But giving in every once in a while keeps you sane and on track.

  2. questionsfromateenager says

    This was such an insightful and informative read. I love your writing style, I’m sure I’ve told you that before but IT’S JUST SO GOOD. Anyway, I love how you tackled this subject. While I think that this trend of promoting healthy eating isn’t necessarily bad, it is attached to quite a bit of toxic negativity online. A few years back I knew some girls who got obsessed with the idea of “clean” eating. When they ate it would be a salad or something like that, which definitely wasn’t giving them enough calories, proteins etc. It got to the point where one of them actually fainted because the “healthy” eating she was doing actually wasn’t healthy at all. Loved this post, Laura!

    • LauraJ says

      Thank you!! Being complimented on my writing means everything to me!
      I use to be so obsessed with every single thing that went in my body. I was even fearful of putting butter on my bread.
      I love showing my journey now and uploading the healthy food I’m eating, but this has made me realise that I need to be careful to not obsess or to not give the image that I live on salads and smoothies. I’ll never forget at Christmas, one girl uploaded her roast dinner which was literally 90% vegetables, and wrote how she had indulged and now needed to hit the gym. xx

  3. LauraJ says

    That’s the thing. I think it’s great that people want to be healthy and I like being healthy and showing that, but there is this hidden fear to only post a salad or an array of fruit, otherwise it’s not nutritious.

  4. LauraJ says

    I’ve really cut down on processed food and much prefer cooking from scratch. I think it’s great that health is being promoted because when I was teenager, it was all about dieting and trying to look like Kate Moss.
    Not that there’s anything wrong with her figure.
    But health has become extreme and people are losing the meaning of what it actually is. Thank you for reading! xx

  5. LauraJ says

    I think the aesthetics outweigh all reality on Instagram. And I think people need to accept that and not use the app as a kind of review or portrayal of how life should be.
    I use the clean eating hashtag a lot because I know it’s popular, but it made me realise that it only reflects the idea of health as being fruit and veg. And in reality, people suffice on a lot more! 🙂

  6. thelonelyauthorblog says

    Very interesting reading your thoughts. Healthy eating doesn’t necessarily mean denying oneself a guilty pleasure once in a while. I think some people get carried away with diets and fads. I tried to do the South Beach diet once, I had headaches everyday.

    I think the important word in diet/food is balance. Like everything else in life balance is the key to eating healthy and not feeling deprived of the things we like. Balance will insure we are eating healthy, and I believe it helps keep us on track (especially in hopes of not falling off track from our goals)

    You do an excellent job of keeping yourself in shape. No doubt because of exercise and healthy eating. Do you deprive yourself of a guilty pleasure like a scoop of ice cream or a chocolate, or whatever your guilty pleasure is?

    • LauraJ says

      What’s the South Beach diet? The worst I did was a calorie counting book. It would read like: 30 grams of porridge with water, one slice of bread with no butter, etc.
      I feel that I would love to get more toned and it’s one of my goals at the minute. I try not to eat processed food or refined sugar, but I do love bread and a good bowl of pasta.

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