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  1. jyo says

    Even I love wedges, these add height ans easier to walk in than stilettos. They will definetly add definition and shape to heavy ankles making them appear thinner !

    • LauraJ says

      Exactly! Stiletto’s are great for a few hours in the evening, but I can’t imagine spending an entire day in them. But with wedges you easily can 🙂

  2. K.M. Sutton says

    LOVE this post! Wedges are my life during the Summer. They are so comfy, plus like you said add that much needed (for me) height! I love those wedges! They are so simple yet still chic! <3

    • LauraJ says

      Thank you! I’ve already worn them a few times so far…when I see a hint of sun. Super chic and they make a nice change from sandals on holiday.

        • LauraJ says

          I was complaining about the weather cooling down, until someone reminded me that it’s only April. Lol I’m that annoying person who see’s a hint of sun and goes out summary! x

          • K.M. Sutton says

            Girl same! Once April comes, I put away all my Winter clothes and am ready to rock the shorts and espadrilles. Sometimes it works to my advantage…Other times much like this year, not so much 🙁 Lol. <3

  3. questionsfromateenager says

    Wedges are such a solid item to wear in the spring/summer time! Yours in particular are classy and timeless. I like wedges because they can spice up an outfit without making your feet regret it later. xx

    • LauraJ says

      Wedges are the only heels I want to wear in the day! It’s so nice being taller without the high heel regret…as much as I love them as well xx

  4. lifeofangela says

    I love wedges! I have a pair, but they’re boot versions. I’ve always wanted to find a strappy pair for the warmer seasons, but I haven’t been able to find one I like much yet!

    • LauraJ says

      I hope you find some soon! They really come in handy. I’ve got a couple in my wardrobe because I wear them so much.

  5. Jeas Wellness says

    They are gorgeous!! I absolutely love wedges and totally agree with you about the straps and wearing them to jeans and all.
    I have really small feet, so most are too wide for me, but I found a pair from Michael Kors that fit me perfectly (thank goodness his “cheaper” ones).
    I am, however, quite tall, 179cm so I do stand out 🙂 (But who cares about that when you look and feel SO good?)

    • LauraJ says

      I’ve got narrow feet as well but I find wedges with straps are quite good because they hold my feet in place…as weird as that sounds!
      And there’s nothing wrong in looking tall! I’m 5 ft 7 but wouldn’t mind being a few inches taller. 🙂

      • Jeas Wellness says

        I sort of “fall through” most open toed shoes with high heels, but there are always those flat gel thingies tp put under the feet, so that’s ok 🙂 Feels a bit odd…
        I look at it like, I really stand out, you can’t miss me, extremely pale even compared to other swedes and tall. All PR is good PR?


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