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  1. beyo11 says

    Big round of applause for the great post. By coming out and openly stating that, is the way to acknowledge and move forward, well done Mz!!

  2. Melina Elisa says

    I HATE the fact that a woman’s identity is gone the moment that they have a child. They are no longer supposed to be themselves, and are supposed to take on this wholesome vibe once they have kids. It honestly makes no sense to me. I mean, if you dressed a certain way before having kids, why would you need to change the way you like to dress just because you have kids.
    I also hate that a man can be a good leader, but a woman who holds the same traits is considered a bitch or bossy. I can’t wait til these stereotypes are stripped away. Great post Laura! xxx

    Melina |

    • LauraJ says

      Thank you girl! I always appreciate you reading!! I think what’s upsetting is that mum’s are so competitive with each other and usually call women out for not portraying a perfect ‘mum’ stereotype. That’s what I experienced when I was a kid and I see it with my little sisters. The playgrounds are like mum bragging sessions.
      And women are just branded the word bitch so casually. There’s this thing about a woman not being feminine if she’s overly assertive or driven. xxx

  3. Khanak says

    Spot on! I’m in love with this post, and I couldn’t have expressed these ideas better. Just came across your blog, and I’m surely here to stay! x
    Great post!
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    Khanak x

  4. crystalsandcurls says

    where was this post a few years ago when I needed it ?? I love this so freaking much. Female stereotypes are SO HARMFUL; there’s no way to grow up as a female without feeling constantly critiqued. Every choice we make from how loudly we talk to what we wear apparently “says something to the world” based off these bullshit stereotypes people have about women xx

    • LauraJ says

      Exactly!! A woman can’t do something without it being critiqued or put in a box and labelled. And I think we’re far more complicated than that – we can be both quiet and loud, or provocative and sophisticated etc. I hope one day I’ll be alive to see the stereotypes disappear! xx

  5. Infinite Living says

    I applaud you for writing this post! I am genuinely inspired – you have asked every question that I feel I would want to ask and haven’t. You write thoughtfully, deeply and honestly, and I love it. Absolutely beautiful photos!

    • LauraJ says

      Thank you! I really admire your writing and it means everything that you have such nice words to say about mine. I’ve had this creative need recently to discuss more about feminism and female issues in society. Thank you so much for reading 🙂

  6. Beyoutiful says

    Ah, I can so relate and agree with everything! I’m so over female stereotypes and I myself experience people telling me how a girl should be that and do this and am just sick of it. I’m glad society has changed over the years but still a lot has to change. I just want to be myself and not be stereotyped for anything. I’ve been stereotyped my people my whole entire life and really wish I can come out of it. So glad you posted this girl, love it! <3

    • LauraJ says

      It’s so much easier than done, but keep doing you and stay true to yourself. Everyone use to tell me I was quiet and unaware of life. And that stopped me from doing quite a lot of things because it made me nervous.
      I find that people who go round telling others how to be, are usually not doing it themselves or are too focused on others to think about how they should actually live. x

  7. K.M. Sutton says

    Girl you are always spot on in your posts! I loved this so much. I hate how people try to typecast us especially women into some role or stereotype. And I actually think women are harder on each other, which makes me sad, because as women we should be supporting each other, not being catty, jealous or blame each other. Great writing and as always amazingly thought provoking! Thank you for sharing this! <3

    • LauraJ says

      I read a really fascinating article a few months back which said how women have always had to compete and so by nature we’re almost wired to act jealous or competitive. It is sad though because it doesn’t get us anywhere. xx

  8. thatfeelinginside says

    Absolutely love this post. As a female I feel like we are subject to so many stereotypes, people constantly trying to put me in a box I don’t fit in. Thoroughly enjoyed reading this, i’m so over female stereotypes!x

    • LauraJ says

      Thank you!! I don’t get why society always wants to put us in boxes – it stops people from growing. I’m so over the stereotypes as well! x

  9. It Girl says

    Very thoughtful post! I think women in general are very judgemental, but men are not better. Something I read some time ago stuck with me – that men want a well dressed girl with perfect makeup, thick thighs, big boobs and butt, but a flat stomach etc. but when girls mention they just want a guy over 6ft tall everyone loses their minds LMAO. I find that very true, especially that I use tinder a lot. Guys there are terribly stereotypical and treat women like objects. I often hear degrading comments based on my looks. The moment you show you care you are desperate, whereas when you’re hard to get you’re a bitch and he moves on to a more “easy” girl since “he can get anyone he wants” LOL. Honestly, I don’t know where this world is going haha

    • LauraJ says

      Thank you! Haha I had a conversation about this recently. I have this guy friend who thinks he’s not picky and doesn’t go for looks, but he has very specific type of girl he likes. And men do have these long list of requirements – especially about physical attributes.
      But women are not suppose to go for looks and should just focus on a nice guy. We’re not suppose to want someone successful either because then we’re gold diggers.
      And YES! Guys love calling a girl easy if she goes for him and then a bitch if she doesn’t. There are countless self-help books for women which tell them how to behave – don’t be too needy and don’t talk too much. Soon men are soon going to ask women to act like the robots they are now making! x

      • It Girl says

        cant agree more with what you just said LOL especially about how women should behave to somehow not offend men. I even heard once from a guy that men can be fatter because it looks okay, but a girl needs to be skinny… that’s just crazy!

        • LauraJ says

          Maybe that guy was trying to comfort himself, but I don’t see how looking fatter works for men and not women. I guess they saymen are more judgemental physically, where as I know plenty of girls who would rather personality. Of course a guy wants both right!

          • LauraJ says

            I hate hooking up culture in general. I’ve never wanted to just sleep around. Guys do easily categorise women!