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  1. Stormy Dormy says

    I think freedom can be a really dangerous concept when not fully understood. A lot of people’s idea of freedom is to travel without feeling tied down, to take opportunities without consequence, to live life by the day without planning for anything. I rather seek freedom in whatever it is that makes me happy, rather than in what other people consider free to be. For me, freedom is experiencing life with my partner by my side – because if he weren’t by my side, how could I feel free to enjoy experiences… I’d just be wishing he were there with me the entire time! I think as long as individuals follow their own personal feelings of freedom rather than the idea of freedom that’s projected onto them, then that’s all that matters 🙂

    • LauraJ says

      I completely agree! Freedom can mean a lot of things, depending on the person. I don’t think it’s about taking roadtrips or travelling without a care in the world. It’s more about the freedom to follow your own path and choices.
      Thank you so much for reading! 🙂

  2. K.M. Sutton says

    As always girl you articulate so well what i am going through or needing to hear. I completely agree with your definitions. Freedom is very much being okay with who you are and letting yourself soar, wherever that ay lead. it isn’t letting people dictate how you live or think because it is what is en vogue. And freedom and stability very much go hand in hand because in order to be free you also have to be stable win-in yourself. Thanks for sharing hun. I hope you are having an amazing day! <3

    • LauraJ says

      Yes – you have to be stable within in yourself! I wish someone could have told me that years ago when I was running around claiming that I was single and free, when I was also wracked in insecurity. I think one of the greatest freedom’s is to love yourself. x

  3. Sarah says

    This was beautiful & so relatable! I always held in my feelings as I thought I was protecting myself, and believed would be a nuisance to others if I “bothered” them with my problems. It took until my early twenties, but the more I’ve been able to open up this emotional, present, commutative, side of me – the more freedom, peacefulness, and strong relationships I’ve been able to build. For me, with this consistency, and self love/work, comes stability.

    • LauraJ says

      Thank you Sarah! I think the more open I have become, the better my friendships have been. I’ve learnt more about myself and in turn, realised who is genuine in my life. I’m glad you have kept up the consistency 🙂

  4. whatismaria says

    To me, freedom is being open to new experiences and possibilities, but staying true to who I am and my core values. People often dismiss stability as constraining and almost the opposite of freedom, but as long as you don’t seek stability out of fear, finding it can show that we’ve found our place in life. I loved reading your thoughts on this interesting and complex topic – the beauty of your writing never fails to amaze me! And the photos are gorgeous as always xox

    • LauraJ says

      I love how you said as long as you don’t seek stability out of fear. I think that’s what most people do. I had a friend who was consumed by the idea of needing to have a partner before she turned 30. She would almost date anyone.
      Thank you for your kind words as always! xxx

  5. Infinite Living says

    You speak to many old parts of me deeply and clearly. So many choices are made as an escape from ourselves. So many people we keep close just so they can make decisions for us. It is in being miserable we keep finding some kind of freedom. Feels like a comfortable stability to be anchored to someone, something …that takes us away from ourselves. by “not telling the world my inner mind, I was free to never get hurt” – so much pain gets held in this false belief.
    Even though there can be those who misuse me, now that I am a open book, the freedom and stability that I feel- helps me not be affected as much.

    • LauraJ says

      I had a best friend for about 15 years, and towards the end of our friendship, I thought I was holding on just because we had been close for so long. But I realised that I depended on her to tell me everything. I felt that her advice was somehow more valuable and worth taking than my own.
      So I used her as stability which took away my freedom.
      I feel the exact same way about people who misuse me. Now that I’m free and open, I have less care or fear that it will happen.

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