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  1. Infinite Living says

    There is realistic work of sorting through our emotions, beliefs, thought patterns for any of these universal laws to work for us. The introduction of these concepts during difficult times can serve as positive stepping stones in to a new realm, and that is only a beginning. I believe from there it takes a lot of acceptance, courage and faith to keep going towards choices that make these laws work for us.

    • LauraJ says

      Beautifully said! I think to apply universal laws – especially this one, you need to really be prepared to change your focus and to keep working. You can’t just spend a day trying. Thank you for such a wise and thoughtful comment.

  2. crystalsandcurls says

    I love the photos – you look gorgeous, especially in that first one! I believe in the law of attraction, but I don’t necessarily think it’s as simple as ask and receive. I more think of it as opening yourself up for the opportunities you want 🙂 xx

    • LauraJ says

      Thank you! If only it was as simple as ask and receive. I would certainly be a millionaire typing in my own Italian villa right now! xx

  3. Kerry LifeandLoves says

    Yes! I agree with it totally, but have to say I dont always practise it. I read The Secret about 8 years ago, then recently watched the film. I have seen it in action in my own life, so really should do it more! You have reminded me that I want to do a mood board for future dreams.

    • LauraJ says

      I love mood boards. I admit I can get lazy at making them, but I never regret once I do. I am a little bit the same, I agree but need to practice more. Thank you for commenting Kerry! xxx

  4. Mahalakshmi says

    I came across the Law of Attraction quite recently, and it has helped my mental state immensely. Truthfully, I have strong pessimistic tendencies and it helps me to change that for the better. When we can hope for something, our life tends to just bloom a little more dreaming of more colorful days. That’s what the law of attraction has brought to me- a hope to become more optimistic and in turn usher in a better quality of life. 🙂 Good job on a well-analysed post!

    • LauraJ says

      Thank you! I get what you mean completely. I think the more you hope, the more positive you are ,and being positive tends to make you feel better and happier. Negative thoughts can lead to negative actions. Thank you for taking the time to comment! 🙂

  5. K.M. Sutton says

    Again another great thought provoking post. I agree that what we think we attract. Our mind is so incredibly powerful, and if we keep having negative thoughts or believe we are not worthy, we won’t be. That doesn’t mean we don’t have to work for our dreams and to have positivity in our life, because we do. Nothing worthwhile is without effort. But how we approach it can make all the difference. <3

    • LauraJ says

      Yes – approach is everything! I don’t think the law of attraction is about getting what you want by just thinking about it. It’s more to do with how you go about life and the more optimistic you are, the more opportunities you see. xx

      • K.M. Sutton says

        Exactly! I think positivity matters. If you are constantly negative you will never see all the opportunities out there or ways you can grow, improve, and chase your dreams! <3

  6. thatfeelinginside says

    One of my friends is such a strong believer in Law of Attraction I even started to see some truth in it myself. Think it’s something to do with being optimistic and having that postive thinking that will increase the chances of you achieving what you want, idk though. Enjoyed this post, something interesting that I like to read peoples thoughts on xx

    • LauraJ says

      I think it’s to do with being optimistic, but also changing your thoughts and thinking about what you want. When I watched the documentary, it said that most people think about negative thoughts which can affect their actions. It’s an interesting idea to explore definitely. xx

  7. Melina Elisa says

    Firstly, I love the new look you gave your blog, it looks so pretty and summery! Secondly, YES YES YES. I think more people should be talking about the law of attraction. I know it sounds totally fake, and something that mindless people tell you, but it works! Great post Laura xx

    Melina |

    • LauraJ says

      Thank you! I’m hoping the new look is a permanent change that I can stick to – though knowing me, I’ll want it edited again by autumn! If people opened their minds more, I think they would realise how powerful law of attraction can be. I don’t believe that it automatically grants you a dream house or wealth, but it can drive you in all areas of your life to succeed better. xxx

  8. Megala says

    Yes, I do believe in law of attraction. If we get attracted to positive things in life, we could lead a peaceful life.

    • LauraJ says

      Exactly. I think the more positive you are, the more upbeat life seems – plus less stress and worry!

  9. thelonelyauthorblog says

    Yes, I believe in the Law Of Attraction. I have read the book and seen the documentary as well. The theory is not as simple as painted by the book. One person claims that after 30 days of concentrating on his wish, things occurred as his wishes manifested itself. I don’t think it is as simple as that. (Believe me, I have tried). Instead, the underlying theme of the power of positive thought will increase the chances of one attaining their dreams. If you believe and TRY you are more likely to succeed than being a pessimist and sitting around waiting for it to happen. Just as important as the law of attraction is the power of believing in oneself.

    • LauraJ says

      You have effortlessly explained the entire reasoning of my article. It’s about increasing your chances and pushing yourself more by really believing.
      I did struggle with the documentary because it was too over-dramatic for me and people making it sound like 3 easy steps can grant you anything. But I do believe in the underlying message.

  10. Beyoutiful says

    I do believe that the Law of Attraction does hold some truth and that you attract what you think and what you are which allows you to become a better person and turning your dreams into reality. Great post girl and you look gorgeous in these pics <3

    • LauraJ says

      Thank you lovely! That is the same as what I think. What you think can really determine what you attract and who you allow yourself to be 🙂 xx