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  1. Paolo B. says

    Now that’s a good question to ask. What needs improvement and whats already great. I think we can get caught up in self improvement sometimes, always trying to do better, read, learn etc. Now I’m all for improving ones self, but not if its trying to improve something that doesn’t need to be. Can be hard in a day and age where it’s so easy to be bombarded with information/ads telling you otherwise. Another thing I see sometimes is people love reading about improving themselves but never put into action what they are learning therefore never making improvements and just stuck in a cycle. Great points food for thought Laura!

    • LauraJ says

      Thank you Paolo! That last point really rings true. How many love reading the quotes without putting them into action? I read an article which spoke about how millennial’s are known to love digesting self-improvement information, but they are so quick to read and read, that they don’t take the time to process each point.
      It is hard trying to figure out what to improve, and I guess my answer is to question the reasoning behind the improvement. If it’s down to ads and social pressure, I know to ignore. 🙂 Thank you for your comment!!

  2. whatismaria says

    Although self-help literature can be beneficial (for example, for someone struggling with mental health and unable to afford a psychologist or a person wanting to learn more about healthy eating), there’s the possibility of spending too much time reading and not undergoing actual self improvement. Because after all, much of how it happens depends on our own journey and has to be figured out along the way, through trial and error and continual learning from experience. Plus, I definitely don’t like how many articles, resources and books appeal to people’s insecurities as a marketing technique, insecurities that, as you said, often appear from a very young age. As always, this article is beautifully written and original – your thinking is insightful and original. And of course, the photographs are gorgeous! Thank you for sharing your thoughts xox

    • LauraJ says

      An article I read stated exactly that. It said millennial’s soak up a lot of information about self-improvement, but before they have time to really process and practice, they move on reading the next thing.
      I agree with you about the insecurity. Sometimes the market can pray on people’s weakness’s. It’s like with dating, the amount of advice telling women how to behave and what to do to self-improve and a land a date.
      Thank you for reading girly! xxx

  3. K.M. Sutton says

    I have been in therapy and have read self help books, but for me, it has been life itself that has taught me to listen and to learn. Yes, people can tell us or even preach to us (because sometimes that is what I feel they are doing) to do something, to try this, but unless we hit rock bottom or experience it for ourselves we won’t really accept it. That is where life comes in. Our stories are all unique and while you can read a book typically they are so broadly generalized, that we pick and choose what we want out of it. Our lives are filled with lessons uniquely designed to our own experiences and while we can share and inspire, I think we also have to remember to live. Thanks for another thought provoking post beauty! <3

    • LauraJ says

      Sometimes I really think I just forget to live. I get caught up in the need to change and be better, that I almost end up worse. And I think that happens a lot with people today. Everywhere you go or look online, there’s advice. And sometimes that’s overwhelming.
      We have to remember to follow our own journey’s and that each path will always act as a guidance in some way. xx

      • K.M. Sutton says

        Beautifully said! Life isn’t perfect. No one is perfect, thus our journeys are going to be littered with “mistakes” but they are all part of our story, whether or not we learn from them is something no self help book can make us do. <3

    • LauraJ says

      Thank you!!! This year, it’s the first that I’ve truly called myself a feminist and taken interest in such issues. I never really took notice of how much of a dominant, masculine world we live in. xx

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