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  1. Jeas Wellness says

    I just wanna hug you right now!
    You’re such a good writer, and this is suuuch an important thing to talk about. Sad is not the same as being negative!

    I’m really down at the moment, sad, because of the problems my disability is currently giving me. But I can’t talk to anyone about that, because if a person with a disability talks about being sad, however temporary it is, we instantly get told that we’re “bringing everyone down” with our “depression” and that we need help… So when doctors ask if everything is OK, I smile and say yes. If I tell them the truth, they WILL diagnose me with depression, when I’m really just a bit sad right now…

    • LauraJ says

      I find that so shocking! In the UK, when you feel sad, people either treat you with sympathy (sometimes in a patronising way), or they are quick to dismiss your feelings and say oh you’ll be fine don’t worry.
      I’m sorry you don’t have anyone to talk to about your disability, but I’m always here if you want to get it off your chest and say something.
      Doctors are super quick to diagnose depression and then give pills. Even friends are quick to assume it. It’s like, since when did the emotion sad become something else?

      • The Life of Jea says

        In Sweden, it has gotten to the point that, if you’re sad, you pretty much need to be quiet abouit it or you will “ruin the day for everyone”… Thankfully, a lot of people are stepping up to try to make a change. I wish I had the energy to do the same, but I have to focus on my own health right now 🙂

        • LauraJ says

          Give it time, and enough people will step forward and then a change will hopefully really start to make others wake up.

  2. K.M. Sutton says

    Girl I know I always say this, but I LOVED this! Not only can I connect with it, especially right now, but everything you wrote was so beautifully right on point. I use to hide any emotions deemed negative by society but the last couple of years I have begun to open up more. It is all bout being genuine and we ALL have bad days. Those who support you will always be there for you, whether it is rainy or sunny. Thank you for sharing this sweets! <3

    • LauraJ says

      Thank you for reading! I say this all the time as well (well I think it if I don’t always say), I am so ridiculously grateful for your comments! It kind makes all the work of blogging worthwhile!!
      I hate how sad and negative are both linked. It makes people feel even worse than they need to! x

  3. Infinite Living says

    Absolutely with you on all you say, gladly as always! There is so much value in experiencing the full range of our personality and emotions with no judgment or trying to deny or escape.