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    • LauraJ says

      I consider myself an optimist as well, but this situation with retail is quite sad. The highstreet is important and I would hate to see more of it go.

  1. The Life of Jea says

    I don’t know the numbers for Sweden, but looking at what is closing, and what’s doing great, it’s pretty much the same I think…
    I would looove to work in a shop 🙂

    I will always prefer going in to a shop over buying something online. The ony thing I ever buy online is books. The book shops that are left in my city, and most of Sweden, are the ones that focus on money, not books, and will only bring in a certain kind of books. I have asked so many times for a new release that is coming, but they won’t have it. They do give you the option to order it so I can get it at the shop, but they will add up to 100SEK (£8) to the price…

    • LauraJ says

      A shop would be nice to work in if customers weren’t so horrendous!
      I really like going into shops as well. Sometimes I have to do an online order (when I don’t have time to go shopping), but it’s not the same.
      And I absolutely love bookshops. They remind me as a child when I would run in them. It’s a shame there’s only a certain kind of book. There has to be one book shop somewhere in Sweden with a better selection. Well, I pray there is anyway 🙂

      • The Life of Jea says

        Depending on the shop, I would be ok with the customers. A grocery store, I realize now, would be a massive NO!
        The book shops I used to go to have closed. I think even the one with old books is having a hard time. All shops like that are closing here, if we want to buy a film or tv-series, we have to order online. The last of those stores closed last year! There is a teeny tiny selection at grocery stores, but that’s it 🙁 But everything like that is at least 66-75% cheaper online…
        Oooh, no, you know, there is the Scifi shop, they do have loads of books! Only that genre, but better than nothing 🙂

        • LauraJ says

          So many shops are closing in the UK as well, but they are more fashion and accessories. There are a couple of book stores, but all the commercial ones. I would love to get lost in a wooden, old-fashioned one. Okay now I’,m just picturing Beauty and the Beast 🙂