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  1. vividual says

    Very interesting post! I loved to read about your experience working with luxurious goods. It’s true, people are focussing more on brands than they are on quality. Maybe it’s because the brands managed to communicate that luxury means quality. I personally rather spend my money on something I believe is valuable, high quality, not always in connection with a brand name, but I know that so many more people of our age care only about that. I don’t know whether it’s good or bad but people definitely learn to save money because you know you won’t be able to afford many other things if you purchase a designer bag for a couple hundred bucks (or maybe more). Combining individualism with luxury is a massive trend. People are fine with paying more for a custom product. I’m sure this will get even bigger in the next couple of years.

    Great post Laura! xx

    • LauraJ says

      Thank you!! I think it’s a nice trend when I think about fast fashion. Which is so bad for the environment and expensive in a way because the clothes never last.
      So people saving up and spending on quality is a great thing. I just think like you, it’s not always about the brand. I think people like showing certain names though on social-media. At the minute it’s more about showcasing ourselves online, than actually living.
      Thank you so much for your comment and for reading! xxx

  2. Kerry LifeandLoves says

    Ohhhh this is an interesting topic, and I think I am divided in my opinion. I went through a few years where I would only buy high end make up and only have expensive handbags and shoes. I think as the success of my Spa grew, (the business I had then) my desire to buy expensive items did. It was almost like I was rewarding myself for the crazy hours i was working, and it gave me a thrill to save up and buy them. I think it was also an outward sign of my success that I felt compelled to show, but it became ridiculous with the amount I would spend on a handbag going up and up with each purchase! I think I got caught up in it. A couple of years back I became incredibly passionate about sustainable and ethical make up and beauty products, so that knocked many of the high end beauty brands off my list. Then recently, I have started selling off my vast collection of designer handbags and shoes, as they no longer hold the attraction for me, and it feels very excessive. I still love quality. I would NEVER buy into fast fashion, and I still covert a classic Chanel brooch to wear on my coat haha! So, as I said, I have a divided opinion xx Hmmmm, food for thought, my mind is questioning itself x

    • LauraJ says

      Thank you Kerry for reading and for this great comment!!!
      I really believe in quality as well, and actually hate that I sometimes feel pressured to buy less expensive stuff just to have vast clothes in my wardrobe. I end up wearing the same things from my closet.

      What I was very unaware of until recently, is how many factories, particularly in Milan, are being bought up by big companies. There are so many brands who produce the same or better quality as Gucci and Versace etc, and at the same price, but are not purchased because people don’t recognise that they are designer, or as expensive.

      So what research is saying, is rather than thinking – I need the most luxurious jacket or the best performing sports bra, it’s I need a jacket that has this big name written all over it, or that designer jacket being promoted on social-media. And brands are now producing all these one-off collections for young people to have what is very limited.

      My opinion is divided as well. I just thought it was an interesting topic to discuss. I am against the corporations buying everything though. And like you, I’m focusing on cruelty-free. Thank you for once again for sharing! xx

  3. The Life of Jea says

    I don’t know my views on luxury brands…
    I have make up from Chanel, Dior, and a few others, super expensive but they last much longer (for me).
    I have a few bracelets and ear rings from Marc Jacobs and Michael Kors, and an amazing Luis Vuitton clutch from 2005 that I ADORE! The unbelievably expensive clutch is may favourite, because I worked so hard to be able to buy it. That feeling was amazing. Money I had earned for myself got me that clutch. I feel proud of myself everytime I look at it, and when I use it. Maybe I do have a view on luxury brands… Not many things beat the feeling that clutch gives me. For me, being able to buy something from these brands is a feeling of “I did that! All by myself! I managed to do the thing to buy the thing!”
    I’m really tired, so I hope my little rant isn’t too strange to read 🙂

    • LauraJ says

      I find expensive makeup lasts longer as well. There’s only a few things I buy from a drugstore, because I can’t notice much of a difference. But powders and textures are really found at luxury brands.

      And I think that’s part of the luxury – saving up or just appreciating that you have worked hard to have something. But this year from speaking to people in this industry, I’ve realised that there are so many luxury products and brands which are made with the most prestigious quality. But because they are not made by one of the big brands, they don’t get the same attention. And most of the big brands are owned by large corporations now.

      I’m not really for or against. I adore Chanel in particular and have expensive pieces myself, and I do believe in quality over fast-fashion, and that people are completely entitled to buy wherever they wish. But it is a shame that independent luxury places are being bought up in my opinion.
      Thank you for reading and commenting and apologies for my long reply to read!!

      • The Life of Jea says

        I do like a long comment 🙂
        Yes, it’s like there’s no room for smaller businesses anymore and that’s sad. I’ve seen som (not too many) influencers talking about how they refuse to work with the smaller brands becuase they don’t give them enough things or money. (I mean, *waving, I’ll do it for no money?* haha 🙂 )

        • LauraJ says

          Yes it’s the big brands who are dominating social-media. Though some have found their sucess through it. I just think people get too caught up on labels and wealth, as though that’s life’s ultimate happiness.