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  1. Melina Elisa says

    I can’t say I’m the healthiest person. I go to the gym whenever I can, but I can’t necessarily say that I keep a routine that would say I’m particularly fit. I eat fast food whenver I feel the craving, and to be honest I don’t feel quite guilty about it? I do tend to bring food from home to work, which stops me from eating out much. I can say that I’m much more balanced than I was in 2017 or before that, but at the same time I wouldn’t say I’m the healthiest person. This post really got me to thinking! Great post Laura xxx

    Melina |

    • LauraJ says

      Health is complicated because everyone has their own definitions. I think it’s about working on yourself individually. If my friend addicted to fizzy drinks went down to half a can a day, he would feel healthier and more balanced. Whereas I would feel unhealthy if I drank half a can.
      From my personal experience, whenever I have wanted to just be healthy, like saying no to cakes in the office, it’s somehow frowned upon and judged. Thank you for reading girl! xxx

  2. The Life of Jea says

    We’re never boring, we’re just in the wrong company 🙂
    This was a great, and much needed, post! People forget that a part of being healthy is to be yourself. Though it’s not easy these days. There is so much pressure from everywhere to be a certain way. If we started to talk more about that, I think a lot of us would be surprised of how many others feel the same way. The pressure doesn’t come from us (mostly), it’s from media/social media.
    I saw the headline of an article here in Sweden a few days ago that said “you never see a photo of fishfingers on instagram”. We show others the best sides, forgetting that our other sides are perfect too.

  3. hoiyinli says

    I don’t really believe in New Year dieting because I’ve been there and done that before and it’s just soul destroying if you don’t plan well and then you’re easily back to square one in self body-shaming. It’s a big vicious circle if not done properly. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to slim down when new year strikes but the problem is when people go for a diet with basically little to no research.

    One of the biggest lessons I learnt in the past year is that it’s not 100% realistic to eat clean 100% of the time and that it is okay to have a cheat meal now and again. It is also fine as long as you have a balanced diet but note that that is defined carefully and not as a means of saying I’ll have some salt, fat and sugar and call it a day. Oh and some carbs too. Point being is, I learnt so much about nutrition in the past year that it made me realise how not nutritious dieting is and not long-lasting it is.

    In work, I sometimes hear girls say that they’ve joined Slimming World as if to say they will magically lose weight. I know that may sound like such a snide and bitchy comment but these are also the same girls who complain that they’ve gained weight because they’ve indulged in too much chocolate in the past week or 2. All they need to do is eat much healthier and I promise even just changing their diet alone would work wonders.

    • LauraJ says

      That’s exactly it – people do little research. It took me forever to work out what works for me and how to stay on track. People are so quick to follow someone else, without finding the facts and evidence.
      I sometimes understand with Slimming World if people are at an unhealthy weight, and need that quick solution. But then after, I think you need to stop and adopt the healthy lifestyle. Slimming World is a temporary fix.
      Thank you for reading 🙂

      • hoiyinli says

        I don’t disregard Slimming World. I think the problem is that people sign up to these programs thinking it’ll be the answer but then they don’t stick with the recipes or exercise program. They are the culprit of their problems! (To be honest, I’m not entirely sure what Slimming world entails but I’m assuming they give you a plan of some sort and then you do weigh ins now and again.)

        It’s true what they say though – that fitness takes a lot of mental strength.

  4. questionsfromateenager says

    Wow… This article was something else. “Being healthy is about balance, but it’s also about making your own decisions.” – this is so true. Being healthy should not be a sacrifice and it always depends on the way YOUR body works. Because let’s face it – those prepackaged diet plans are bullshit if they are not specifically designed for you and your body. I have a couple of friends and every time we meet up one specifically starts going on and on about how she gained 8 kg and can’t seem to loose them again and how she just can’t seem to stay away from junk food. Then the others join in l, talking about their latest “cheat days” and all the regret they have. I always stay silent. Why? Because it turns into this self-body shaming hate fest that I have no interest in participating in. Great post Laura.

    • LauraJ says

      Yes! Those group discussions where everyone is suppose to chip in with negativity. It’s just destructive. When women say they like their bodies and their proud of how they take care of them, they then need to say – I don’t think I’m perfect, and I still have all these areas to work on. Otherwise they come across as arrogant and basically a bitch.

      I think people should stop trying to mimic all the dieting trends out there and what others are doing, and just work out which foods make them feel bloated, and what makes them feel great. And when we want to cheat, just do so – in the same way when we want to eat healthy.
      Thank you so much for reading and sharing this comment!! x

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