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  1. Jyo says

    I have heard this term first here and wanted to look it up … this was the first article in my search….(googled)
    Well said Laura ! I couldn’t agree with you more…
    Great article and great content as always

    • LauraJ says

      I was actually researching my next blog topic and I was seeing articles about millennials and how different they are etc. I never use the term in person, but it’s something people talk about online. Millennials (born late 80s and early 90s) seemed to be completely different to other generations. Thank you for reading lovely!! x

  2. Things Tinashe Says says

    I loved reading this, it felt really good to know that there are people within the millennial generation I find very relatable. I would rather spend hours buried in a book than in some reality tv show. I’ve always felt out of place because I’ve always taken a keen interest in news and the governance of my country and so many things people in my generation find lackluster. This piece has got me thinking and self introspecting on my personal ideals and how they may have been impacted by the generation.

    • LauraJ says

      Thank you for taking the time to read and for your comment – which lets me know I’m not alone! I’ve always loved reading. In school it was seen as uncool, so I’d have to pretend that I had no interest.
      I think it’s important to know what’s going on. I never know everything, but I try to keep somewhat up to date.

  3. Melina Elisa says

    This was actually such an interesting read. I always forget that the majority of our generation doesn’t enjoy reading. I’m constantly reading. While I’m not the biggest fan of reading the new, I can say I’m pretty well informed on what’s going on in my country, and major things in other countries (at least I try to keep up!). I have such a love/hate relationship with social media. It’s something I would dream of doing full-time, but I can also say that it can affect me negatively if I don’t follow the right people. I really love this post Laura. I can relate to you, and this post just made me think about my opinion on it xxx

    Melina |

    • LauraJ says

      Thank you for reading!! I’ve recently been buying and collaborating with book pr’s to try and read as much as possible. It really helps my writing and ideas with my blog.
      I try to keep up with current affairs as well. I don’t always know everything, but I want to be aware of what’s going on around me. I’ve met many people who have absolutely no idea, yet know everything about reality stars. Glad you love reading. xxx

    • LauraJ says

      Yes I don’t believe we have it any easier. Especially with buying houses. Most millennials can’t afford one, whereas with my mum’s generation for example, it was normal. But I guess every generation has to experience good and bad things.

  4. Mary Elizabeth Fuchs says

    I can merely relate to you about not fitting in the Millennial generation, because, I feel like I don’t fit in as well. Most people are my age don’t want to work, and they want everything as to be handed to them. On the other hand, growing up I was told if you want something you have to work for it. It seems that millennials are the blame for everyone’s problems from the previous generation whereas that is partly true.

    • LauraJ says

      I have a few friends like that. They are really determined, but when it comes to actually trying or doing something about it, they always have an excuse. I don’t think the millennial generation are terrible, like they are always associated negatively in the press, but I don’t think I fit in. Thank you for readng Mary 🙂