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    • LauraJ says

      I am like that as well but at the same time, the photos I have deleted, I’ve forgotten about now. It’s kind of like some of the clothes I’ve thrown away from my wardrobe.

  1. Beyoutiful says

    Ah, we are so like-minded girl! I’m such a digital hoarder! I have so many pics and screenshots that my whole storage on my laptop got so full. I’ve tried deleting a lot but there is always a what if situation in case I need it for the future. I still have a 1000 images on my phone that I have to delete since I’m a huge photo craze lol. I def need to improve on this digital hoarding. I’m really trying but it’s hard to get over now that we live in the tech generation. Great post ❤️

    • LauraJ says

      Thank you girl! I have around 1,000 photos as well. I’m trying to select my favourites to store with drive, and then slowly get rid of the rest. I think with photos, it’s hard because we subconsciously tell ourselves that all photographs are memories. There’s probably quite a few that if deleted, we wouldn’t even remember. x

  2. hoiyinli says

    I think in terms of taking photos, I am not too bad. I take what I need to take and go. I’m pretty much a point-and-shoot photographer and as long as I have high quality equipment (an Iphone? haha), I’m good to go. I also hardly edit my photos and for the ones I do edit (such as for the blog), I do that on my laptop and save the copies on my USB after I’m finished with uploading them on here.

    A girl I used to know though would take so many photos before she ate so I dread to think what her photo roll must be on.

    • LauraJ says

      I usually take around 10 -15 photos at a time and then choose which ones to post on my blog. And then I cut down to maybe 5 or 6 to save to my phone, But the issue is as I’m taking photos every week, it all adds up. My holiday ones take up the most space and the ones in summer. I find it near impossible to delete my countless view shots lol.
      It’s a great idea to save copies on your USB and to take what you need and go. Back with film camera, you were really limited so each photo had to be considered. But with digital now and phones, you can take countless shots which kind of encourages us to keep going.

  3. Khanak says

    Digital hoarding is such a problem for me, especially with e-mails and photographs. I’ve downloaded numerous apps like Flic (super helpful, btw!) to help declutter, but for some inane reason, it’s just so hard to let go! Even the photos that don’t really have a huge significance- I convince myself that someday, somewhere I’ll need that particular picture for whatever reason and if I don’t have it, I’ll regret it. It’s funny, how our brains work, haha. This form of “holding-on” isn’t the best for me or my iCloud memory!

    Khanak x

    • LauraJ says

      I need to look at this app Flic – I’ve not heard of it before. I think it’s because we are told that photographs are memories, and it’s hard to therefore delete. Our own objects like books and clothes are easier in a way because we can justify getting rid of them. But because photos hold such significance or the idea of them even, it’s hard to press delete. That’s what I think anyway lol.
      Thank you Khanak! x

  4. Infinite Living says

    The messy digital drawers that never get cleaned out are surely a big task to confront to my mind. I have files and folders from 2 decade on my old desk top, and the back up of past couple of laptops. Only now with my current laptop I have become skilled at keeping it clean and updated frequently. My phone I would say I am at a medium at deleting promptly what can be. Emails …at a every phase new email communications feel important enough not to delete so there is a record …but the it is so difficult now to take the time and go back to clean it up. I have too many emails saved over the years. This certainly is one modern problem that needs awareness 🙂

    • LauraJ says

      It’s great you are keeping on top of things with your new laptop. I’m the same as you and have so many emails saved from the past few years. I would need plenty of hours to go through them all. Unlike real life where most of us only have a limited amount of space for storage, the online world offers plenty, and I think that’s why it’s becoming such a problem. Thank you as always for sharing your thoughts. 🙂

  5. whenlifeawakens says

    I struggle with this but also don’t, it’s strange I have an attachment to some images and pictures I’ll save things got later just because I may need them, and at other times I will delete everything I get my hands on.

    • LauraJ says

      Sometimes I like deleting photos but I’ve started noticing this month, how stressful it is trying to find things on my phone and laptop. I don’t know whether the answer is to stop ‘hoarding’ and delete more, or just to create dozens of folders.

  6. sayeedahsparkles says

    I am such a digital horder! I’ve started printing out the ones I want to keep forever through the freeprints app! I have 1000 photos on my phone but it’s hard for me to press delete!

    • LauraJ says

      That’s a great idea. I’ve not looked into printing my phone images before, but it would make a lot of sense. Especially as I love photo albums.