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  1. Jyo says

    For many of us, perfection is the ultimate dream for our states of being. But in reality, perfect is never perfect and striving for perfection can turn from admirable to harmful.
    On social media, everyone else seems flawless. We compare and then we can’t help but despair because in comparison, our lives are so imperfect.
    And you know what…photo sharing site Instagram is ranked as the worst of all of them in terms of its effects in anxiety, depression, self identify, loneliness, bullying and body image !

    • LauraJ says

      It doesn’t surprise me Instagram is ranked the worst for making people feel bad. It’s such an edited and glossed place where everyone has perfect lives and look effortlessly glamorous.
      Trying to aim for perfection is a curse in a way because you’re trying to achieve what’s not possible. Thank you for reading. 🙂

  2. Beyoutiful says

    There is so much social media pressure esp those who love fashion! Esp for me, I love wearing cute outfits but I feel that rather than enjoying wearing it, I always just tend to focus on how it would look in pictures, do I look good so that I can post it on FB or Insta, etc. We tend to see thousands of lovely women with such chic outfits and pictures that we wanna be exactly like them. I buy so many clothes just for pics and then end up being in my closet. I’m def one of those girls who are pressurized by social media but I’m trying not to and am gonna start just focusing on what I want and actually enjoy wearing my outfits because I like them and not because of pictures. Awesome post as always 🙂

    • LauraJ says

      Thank you girl! A lot of huge fashion bloggers and influencers set up shoots with the same photographers well in advance, to then pose in clothes all carefully selected for images. I have to remind myself of that sometimes.
      I’ve had clothes in my wardrobe purely for social media as well. What made me want to change my ways, was thinking about all the things I could buy or do instead with the money I waste on outfits. When I think about it, people only see images for a couple of weeks and then they scroll right down your profile. And no one really remembers every top or jacket etc. Thank you for reading! 🙂

  3. The Life of Jea says

    I love how the photo’s followed the text so perfectly, you could feel them in the text. Not sure how else to describe it.
    I was super happy when I got to use my vest today, and after putting it on I thought “oooh, this will look so good on instagram! Maybe a few shots, just so I can post some later too!” It’s silly, but it’s almost unstoppable… Does this fit with my instagram? Does this look good with the rest of my photo’s there? Will people like this picture more than the other one?
    I took a deep breath, chose one to post a few hours ago, and another to post now after I’ve written a new blog post 🙂
    I have an instagram problem, and I know it 🙂

    • LauraJ says

      It has become such a normal thing now to think about Instagram first. I feel there is a pressure to constantly post new images and be captured in some new place. It’s silly because most Instagrammers who are posting daily in new locations, use professional photographers. They shoot a couple of outfits in a few hours.