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  1. The Life of Jea says

    I love the writing of Jane Austen, she was way ahead of her time and I think she’s still important today.
    Me, I can bake cookies if someone’s there to tell me what to do XD

    • LauraJ says

      Yes Jane Austen is an incredible creative genius. To have her work still be studied and talked about, really demonstrates how forward thinking she was.
      Give me a recipe book on cookies and I’m good to go. Though in saying that, sometimes they go much wider than expected and normal sized cookies turn out as giants.

      • The Life of Jea says

        I have her books in both english and spanish (to teach myself more spanish) and I read them over and over and over again!
        But giant cookies are the best! 😉
        I love making soft gingerbread after my great grandmothers recipe, it’s one of two that I have perfected 🙂

  2. Infinite Living says

    I am once again thrilled to read so many wise statements here! I agree with all your perspectives – some that I already hold and some that you bring to my awareness. I loved how you say – creative people sustain passion because of their “positive illusions”. 🙂 Life indeed is a canvas that they create their art on, by the way they live. And your concluding paragraph wins my heart 🙂 You said it so perfectly!

    • LauraJ says

      Thank you so much for your kind words. The sentence on sustaining passion due to positive illusions is based on research. I think it’s interesting that creative people can imagine their partners to be more romantic or amazing than reality. It’s almost like an optimism they have.
      They see the world through prettier shades of colour. Whether that’s always a good thing though is hard to tell.
      Thank you for commenting 🙂

  3. thelonelyauthorblog says

    For me true creative genius starts with originality. New territory is hard to grasp, and even hard to venture into for many. It is easier to redo what has been done because it is safe and/or popular. Picasso who co-started an entire new movement of painting (Cubism), The Beatles who changed music forever, and Leonardo DaVinca who perhaps the greatest example of the Renaissance were men who dared to take risks and face criticisms.

    I was also happy to see that creative individuals are likely to keep passion in their relationships. Provides hope.

    And apologies for only mentioning men above. Frida Kahlo, Coco Chanel, anbd Jane Austen all broke barriers with boundless creativity in their life work. FYI And I recently read an article stating JK Rowling is the first writer in history to become a billionaire. As you can see by current literature and Hollywood production, she has given great attention to the fantasy genre, a genre that has so often been ridiculed in the past..

    • LauraJ says

      I think in a way, all creativity is inspired by something or someone else. But original people can take one thing and completely create something new from it. While others only edit an idea slightly.

      On top of not being a Bond fan, I don’t like Harry Potter lol. But I admire JK for what she has done and how she continued to believe in herself despite countless rejections. It’s nice knowing a woman author is the first billionaire because I read an article recently which said the industry is male dominated.

      The more I read about creative geniuses, the more inspired I am to stop following trends and think about being unique. I guess in a way you need a platform to become one. People have to believe in your ideas otherwise your genius is not accepted. Thank you for your response Andrew 🙂