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  1. Infinite Living says

    I’m not sure if my dreams have possibility because my wishes seem child-like. Most kids watch fairy tales and chick flicks, then grow up and resume to life’s mundane routines. – so many amazing lines you have here as this one, that I agree with. I think sexy is when I am filled with joy to the brim and overflowing with it – everything else is a craving that feels at least slightly less than satisfying. And yes confidence and the sources of it change so much in definition as we keep growing.

    • LauraJ says

      Thank you! I’m not sure what age exactly people stop believing in dreams, but I find many are willing to choose practicality without any consideration of goals and desires. Which isn’t a bad thing depending on the person, but I feel I have to follow my dreams to feel good.
      And I agree with you that feeling incredibly joyful and positive makes me feel sexy. I guess it links to smiling and laughing more which makes me feel attractive.

    • LauraJ says

      Yes if you don’t feel good about yourself, it’s really tough to feel sexy. Even if you’ve had your hair done and got a new outfit etc.

  2. vividual says

    I love the honesty that you express with every post you write. You‘re such a confident woman! I enjoyed reading about the way you changed. I think my experience was pretty similar. Great post Laura xx

    • LauraJ says

      Thank you! I don’t know about being a confident woman – maybe on this blog I’ve become okay opening myself up. xx

  3. Storm says

    I think there’s nothing wrong with being a romantic! So long as you make real actions toward your fantasies and hold a door open to opportunities to allow those fantasies to happen. Real life will never be as perfect as make belief or our own ideal versions of what we want our reality to be, but with open mindedness, hard work and a shift in perspective, I think real life can come pretty damn close.

    And romance is important in my life – there’s something so magical and innocent about it. I refuse to let go of it from my life.

    Even being in a long term relationship, I definitely still don’t know confidently what makes me feel sexy. Though, I think there’s nothing sexier on others than when they act like they know their worth without needing confirmation or affirmation from anybody else – somebody who doesn’t need to post certain selfies on Instagram to feel beautiful, someone who doesn’t need their husband or boyfriend to notice the new shade of lipstick they’re wearing, somebody who isn’t affected in any way whatsoever by their friends or co-workers saying they don’t like their new outfit.

    It’s hard to feel that confident but I think the closer a person gets to that point, the more sexy they become.

    But that’s just my opinion! Most people find people who try to look good for the camera to be super sexy (loads of pop stars, Instagram models etc). I just personally find the “I’m not doing this to impress you, I’m doing this for me” attitude sexy as hell!

    Fate, well, I believe that through indulging in our dreams we have the wonderful ability to propel our lives in the direction that we need for “good luck” or “fate” etc to occur. I think ultimately, it’s all down to us, but that when we do take those leaps and put that energy in to drive our life forwards, a lot of magic will begin to happen – good opportunities, happy coincidences, luck, fate.

    Sorry, I don’t even know if I answered any of the questions you asked. I just love getting carried away commenting on a good blog post!

    • LauraJ says

      No need to apologise. I enjoyed reading your comment and thank you for taking the time to write it!

      I get what you mean about your idea of sexy and completely agree. I’ve always wanted to be one of those people who doesn’t need approval. I just wear what I want and have my own style worry free. I need to learn better how to stop worrying about other people’s thoughts.

      I do think we have to be responsible for our own actions and take the steps. Sometimes I think life would be easier if I was less romantic, but I guess it would also be less fun.

      Thank you for reading! 🙂