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  1. Melina Elisa says

    I actually don’t think that millennials are drinking less, I just think it’s being documented more? I feel like there were probably people who didn’t drink in all generations, but with no proof through social media, it’s not as easy to get that information. I don’t drink to get drunk. I love myself a glass of wine (or two or three depending on the day and the event), and going out with friends and having a few drinks to dance the night away. But I don’t really drink to the point where I get hungover and feel extremely unproductive the next day. This was an interesting post, because I didn’t think about the idea that Instagram might be the reason why some people aren’t drinking. It may have some effect on us, who knows! Great post Laura xx

    Melina |

    • LauraJ says

      I think it’s become more socially acceptable to admit you don’t drink or don’t like drinking as much. I think every generation has people who drink and those who don’t, but it’s becoming less stigmatised. Maybe it’s to do with social groups and whether your friends drink.
      I’m the same and like some alcohol but not to the point where I’m drunk, unable to remember things and hungover. Thank you for reading! xx

  2. Beyoutiful says

    I never drink alcohol since I have severe acid reflux. I feel that people are too obsessed with the whole drinking thing and only if you drink, you can socialize or people accept you. I feel like that it’s so stupid to just be accepted by people only if you go to the bar and drink alcohol. I’m not the party type and I don’t drink but I do socalize and I don’t have that many problems with it. I feel happy I don’t drink alcohol and I care so much about my health rather than society accepting me so if my friends/people don’t like me since I don’t drink, I don’t really care and they aren’t true friends. Friends should accept you and love you for who you are and for whatever decisions you make. I know it’s def a struggle since people do look at me differently but I would just go with a virgin drink and just have fun instead of worrying what ppl think of me. I would be rather be less cool and instead focus on my goals and well-being since that’s what is really important. I’m really glad that people are starting to take it seriously now. Awesome post love

    • LauraJ says

      I’ve been around people – old work colleagues who considered me boring for not drinking every weekend. If I have an alcoholic drink. I like to sip it and take my time, not gulp down and order more immediately.
      I agree that friends should accept you as you are and respect the decisions you make. There’s no point drinking for the sake of it. And sometimes I think really drunk people can be selfish. Like you need to take care of them and ruin your night worrying about them.
      And some drunk people can be rude and showcase some bad personality traits. It’s rare you meet one who’s actually fun. Definitely ignore the stigma and keep being you 🙂 x

  3. J | thenellybean says

    I find that I enjoy myself much more when I’ve had less to drink. It’s never worth feeling like crap the next day, and not being able to be productive, which makes me feel worse about myself etc. xx

    • LauraJ says

      I’m a complete lightweight and after one or two drinks, I’ve reached my limit. Otherwise I feel the same and begin feeling lazy, not good and unhealthy from eating loads of junk. xx