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  1. Mars says

    Whoa, a lot going on here! It seems like a lot of this is male entitlement. Men feel entitled to womens’ bodies, and bc they’re in positions of power in society, they’re supported. I think that’s why there’s such a violent porn industry in the first place and why girls mimic adverts, etc., more so than just nudity. Art statues are nude. But those other things are marketed toward them in order to control not unlike beauty standards. Is it a coincidence there’s such a focus on youth, thinness and womens’ virginity/inexperience?

    Bc of those roles of power not just currently but historically and globally, I don’t think that a few women on Instagram is comparable. Women can have sexist beliefs obviously, but it’s sexist to think that we should inherently behave better than men. It’s not like we’re raised in a tube separate from society and injected with feminist texts! Altho I kinda wish that happened bc it sounds like the Matrix and then I would know karate.

    • LauraJ says

      Thank you so much for taking the time to write this comment. I loved reading and seeing your perspective. Men are supported – even statistics state women who report assault rarely get taken seriously. In Hollywood, older men are attractive while older women rarely get shown.

      They are definitely the more powerful sex in society which isn’t to say that all women are saints, but we often face more sexism because of such an inbalance.

      I’m now thinking of the Matrix leather jackets lol. A few months ago, I read an article on how genders are raised. It spoke about how boys are given much more freedom to misbehave while girls are told to be lady-like. That behaviour then trascends to men having freedom with sex while women are told not to be sluts etc.
      Thank you for reading!

  2. thelonelyauthorblog says

    I love your boots. Okay, got that out of the way.

    On a serious note, this was very disturbing for me to read. So many things I want to say. That a judge says says a man having sex with his wife is a basic human right. What about a woman’s human rights to say no. I understand this woman most likely is in no condition to consent or reject, but this judge never considered her freedom of choice into this matter.

    Catcalling….another Neanderthal male tradition that has no purpose in our society. What a woman wears or does not wear does not justify catcalling, judging, or rape.

    Oh, now the dinner and drinks? LauraJ….can you feel my frustration? If I pay for dinner and or drinks it is simply for the company of a charming woman. There should never be anything attached to it. And I would never be insulted if a woman offers to pay her half.

    Sadly, this a male dominated world. I wish I could see major changed, but I am afraid we are several generations away from real change.

    • LauraJ says

      I love the boots as well :) They are so comfy but I guess I’m hiding them soon for summer.

      I think relationships need sex (for me anyway) but it should never be seen as a right. I’d hate to be intimate with my partner knowing he doesn’t really want to. And the idea of ‘sex being a right’ links to rape so I’m disturbed by a judge making that statement.

      HATE catcalling! My friend said to me the other day, don’t you think it’s flattering? I said there’s a huge difference between a man kindly complimenting me and another shouting I’m hot across the street.

      In regards to dinner and drinks, one thing I didn’t state is how some women get dressed up and go out for a meal just for a free evening. I had a friend who use to do that. But what I’ve noticed with some guys, is that they want to pay so they almost have an upper hand. Like I’ve paid for dinner, you owe me now. Luckily that’s a rarity and most are charming. My last date though, the guy tried to get me to go back to his and considering it was the 1st date, I felt uncomfortable.

      We really are generations away from real change, but hopefully stepping closer towards it. Thanks for the comment – I appreciate how you took the time to articulately express your views.

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