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  1. Beyoutiful says

    YES!! Totally agree! I’m a 90’s girl too and I remember that I always played with like barbie dolls or toys, books, CD’s back then that really made me feel happy. I didn’t even have a cell phone till 12th grade and that with no texting or internet lol. I got FB at the end of HS and now I see like kids who are like 12 getting iphones and laptops and even have FB, IG, etc that it’s so ridiculous! I mean like technology has totally changed my life in a good and bad way. Good way: I’ve learned so many things on the Internet like it def brought a postiive change in my life; more friendships, more knowledge, networking, inspiration, etc. Bad side of this: we are so pressured and influenced by friends or others we see on social media that it hurts us mentally: jealousy, insecurity, depression.

    Everything has its limits and people need to stop using it to extremes. Use tech and media to learn and grow but don’t use it TOO MUCH that it affects your well being, health, perspectives.

    I used to be addicted to my phone but I learned a lesson and I only use my phone like once a day and barely scroll through my Insta feed. It def makes a diff to do a social media detox once in a while and when I did it, I felt instantly more happier and refreshed like I was able to focus more on myself and my career. I’m really trying to use technology and social media less now and been focusing on myself and my goals nowadays.

    Awesome post love ❤️

    • LauraJ says

      Thank you girl! My little sisters still love their toys but one who is 11, is desperate to get Instagram because her friends have it.
      I got a phone when I started high school and I understand that because there were plenty of times I needed to contact people. But kids shouldn’t have flashy, high contract mobiles and ability to sit for hours on their phones. I know if I had kids, I wouldn’t want that.
      The internet has in a way made me question myself and challenged my thought process. We can easily become puppets who just follow along if we stay too connected. So I think it’s great you learnt to take away your addiction. Thank you for your comment xx