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  1. Beyoutiful says

    This is sooo true! People are OBSESSED with getting thousands of followers and likes like they would do anything to beg for them. Like there are so many FB groups where there is a like or follower thread in which people are crazy and asking for likes and follows which is ridiculous. I mean like it’s ok that you wanna reach a goal of 1K followers of 100 likes but people who have like 10K followers are still like insane! I used to never care about followers and likes but I’m kinda getting influenced by these social media accounts but I’m def not obsssed or addicted like the others.

    Some accounts have like 5K followers but just like 100 likes on pictures. I prefer people to follow me genuinely if they like my feed and like my picture if they actually enjoy it, not just for the sake of it. This whole Instagram is nice to have for inspiration but at the same time I feel that people are taking it tooo seriously and making it a big deal out of it to the point it’s affecting everyone’s health and lives! Society needs to change. Love this post girl ❤️

    • LauraJ says

      I think the trap of social media is that you always want more. Once you hit a goal, you make another and you continue to compare yourself. So in the end, nothing ever really looks good enough.
      The algorithm is a huge problem because large accounts can’t keep up with everyone, and then people start vanishing because you stop showing up on their news feed. Recently I went back and look at followers I connected with years ago, and some said to me – you just stopped showing.
      Instagram is helping my career with marketing for brands but there are moments I wish the place could be less pressuring and more fun. x

  2. The Life of Jea says

    I’ve never thought about how many likes I get on a photo before. No actually, I remember thinking it was really cool to get 35 likes on one of my more recent photo’s.

    • LauraJ says

      The first couple of years I joined Instagram, around 50 likes was the ultimate. And then gradually it started to grow and my highest was 500. But I think so much of it is linked to how much you follow Instagram standards – filters, outfits, beauty looks etc, and how much time you spend to promote posts.

      I think it’s a shame some people value their worth and appearance on likes when it’s kind of game and especially now when so many are desperate to be adored and insta famous.
      Even with my blog, I know certain topics will get far more views. But I try to focus on whatever reflects me and just hope some will relate or enjoy.

      • The Life of Jea says

        I think you’re absolutely right about following instagram standards. You have to fit a certain mold or something to get those likes. I have a few people that I’m super happy to see like my photo (you’re on of them 🙂 ) and that’s all that matters to me 🙂
        Wow, 500, that’s pretty cool though.
        Oh yes, some things are just not worth posting about, people will skip it. I try to sneak in POTs posts in the middle of make up posts to keep people interested 🙂

        • LauraJ says

          There are people I always try my hardest to keep up with and you are one of them. The whole Instagram thing is basically over airbrushed, beach or city backdrops and pictures that all look the same. Sometimes I try to follow it because it’s easy to follow the system but I have to feel like myself and still show me.
          I like learning about POTs – you’ve really opened my eyes to what it means and insight to living with it. I think some people skip because they just want to relate – like me posting about scoliosis wouldn’t attract many. 🙂

          • The Life of Jea says

            Sometimes I’ve been feeling bad about not having those lovely bakgrounds, and not being able to go places to get great photo’s.. Thankfully, I snap out of it pretty quickly. If I like the photo’s I post, then that’s all that matters 🙂
            I always like your photo’s, even though we haven’t met, I always feel like it’s the real you I’m seeing, or reading. Does that make sense?

          • LauraJ says

            Right now I love just using a plain background. Or being at home and experimenting. My suggestion is to start following more people who do the same or have similar ideas to you so Instagram will keep promoting those types of accounts. And I’m glad you feel a sense of the real me. I don’t think I’m a good enough actress to pretend otherwise 🙂 Unfortunately for Hollywood lol

  3. Jyo says

    Absolutely true Laura….
    U know what, I used to get more reach and likes when I had 5k followers rather than 50k followers now…this is how Insta is

    • LauraJ says

      Instagram algorithm now promotes posts based on interaction. But it’s hard to interact with everybody and you end up missing people. When posts were shown based on time, it was much easier and more enjoyable.