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  1. Beyoutiful says

    Ahh we’re so alike!! I have the exact same problem. I’m soo good at expressing my feelings online but when it comes to presentations and public speaking, I always feel anxious and shiver like anything. It’s so obvious like I’m so nervous lol and it’s been haunting me ever since I was young. I make it a habit to improve myself every year so am getting better at it. But practice def made a dif and it really helped me boost my confidence.

    I remember a couple of years ago, when I interned at a huge company I had to talk in front of like so many senior executives and was just soo nerve wrecking! I practiced with my manager and on the day of, I wasn’t nervous at all! I’m def trying to improve but need to attend more events just like you did.

    I watched your story and I thought you did a really good job presenting your poetry

    • LauraJ says

      Thank you so much! I was looking at my paper a lot when I was reading but I thought it would be weird to look people directly in the eye as I read a love poem. Maybe something else to face lol.

      I’m glad you are continuing to improve and that’s working. You’re giving me hope! We are similar in a lot of ways and I like that you could relate to this. Sometimes I tell people I’m scared and they don’t understand.
      Talking in front of senior executives must have been tough. I struggle to take phone calls when my boss is behind me. x

  2. LauraJ says

    That’s what I’m doing as well – faking confidence and practising. I think from where I’ve always tried to avoid public speaking, I’ve made the situation worse and I’ve allowed myself to make it into a huge thing.
    So hopefully with more practice, it eventually becomes normal. I think it’s fantastic you are moving past your anxiety and pushing. You should be really proud!

    Thank you for reading. x

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