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  1. thelonelyauthorblog says

    This is a decision that is up to every individual women. I think for a long time it has been acceptable for women with smaller breasts. I don’t see why other women to not enjoy the same freedom. Now, that I live here in Florida, I do see more young women enjoying this freedom.

    • LauraJ says

      I think it has to with the fashion world. Models frequently show their nipples and it’s portrayed as chic and stylish. Women with larger breasts automatically receive a different label.

  2. Rebecca says

    I love it when you write pieces like this with such a deep analysis and amount of research! It’s such a tricky debate: I definitely think the movement is very empowering for women but it depends on context and like you say, not everyone wants to see male or female chests out in public.

    • LauraJ says

      Thank you Rebecca! When I decided on this topic, I didn’t realise it would be so complex. But I think the debate is quite interesting and it’s still a big thing, five years after it first hit the news.

        • LauraJ says

          I agree..I think it will continue to dominate the news because protestors will find new tactics. Then again, I don’t know how they can beat lying naked outside F.B headquarters holding nipple signs lol. x

  3. hoiyinli says

    It is ridiculous that female nipples receive such attention. I sometimes go bra free with certain tops or if it’s simply too hot in the summer.

    Sort of unrelated but I was talking to my colleague earlier this week and she was telling me about her encounters with men who have made snarky comments. She said that she once went for an interview at this marketing place and the guy who interviewed her actually reached out to her through phone and told her that it was very hard to focus in the interview because apparently she was wearing a “tight outfit”. It was simply a corporate outfit, nothing too sexy or tight, just your usual interview outfit.

    • LauraJ says

      Your colleague could easily make a complaint about that. I read I think in Russia, some companies pay women more to wear skirts and heels to boost male morale. So crazy!

      When I was in Miami, I noticed it was more normal for women to wear vests without bras and because of that, people didn’t stare so much. In the UK, people look at you as though you’ve generally strolled out the house completely naked. I like that some celebrities are helping to normalise not wearing bras.