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  1. K.M. Sutton says

    LOVE that you are talking about this. I feel it is a personal choice one that shouldn’t cause shame which ever side you fall on. I personally hate hair, but I think that is because I have dealt with an abundance of hair growth (some I don’t hate, like on my head) from a young age due to PCOS. In fact (being TMI) I was a huge supporter of laser hair removal and waxing down “there” before it was popular. That is just my preference though. I also think no one but us should have a say on whether we have hair or not. I have known men who give their preference and I am just like boy no buy. Lol.

    • LauraJ says

      I’m not a big fan of hair either, but I can’t decide if that’s because I’ve been taught it’s wrong, or whether I’ve just decided it’s nicer without. It’s funny before a date, even if I’m wearing trousers and have no expecation of going back to their’s, I always shave when getting ready.

  2. The Life of Jea says

    I’ve seen more and more younger women in Sweden showing more hair than before.
    I have the good fortune of being so pale that my body hair doesn’t show, therefor no one has ever said anything to me and I never started to shave like others. Sometimes my legs when tights start to feel weird and the hair sort of grabs a hold of the tights, that’s just painful! I started shaving my armpits because I just think it feels better, but even that hair doesn’t really show.
    You can see about half of my eyebrows, the rest is invisible XD

    • LauraJ says

      I think a lot of it has to do with whether you can see the hair or not. I think it’s great that it doesn’t show. I’m only lucky on my arms.
      It’s interesting more younger women in Sweden are showing hair. I wonder how many other places in the world are changing.

  3. Beyoutiful says

    Ah love your posts! Totally agree to your viewpoint. I actually didn’t know that the female hair is actually back in now but I’ve thought about this for so long and it’s so annoying that females have to shave most of the body hair and men can just walk around with hairy legs and hands. It’s just so annoying! Sometimes I wish I was a guy when it comes to all of these things. Shaving does give it a better look and I prefer to shave but I feel that it is wrong to look at women weirdly if there is body hair even if it’s on the leg. I do thread my eyebrows and it grows back in like 2 months but if I have bushy eyebrows, I feel that it as long as its a bit shaped, it’s totally fine. I don’t understand why society makes female body hair such a big deal. I remember I went to visit India when I was young and Indians don’t emphazie much on female body hair and they don’t make it a big deal. Thoughtful post girl ❤️

    • LauraJ says

      Thank you lovely! My eyebrow hair grows back in like a week lol. I usually end up tweezing and then when I screw up too much, I rush to get them threaded.
      It’s become so associated that feminity is about smooth and soft. I can’t see myself embracing my hair, but I do think it’s crazy how obsessed we get with it, when it’s so normal! x

  4. crystalsandcurls says

    Honestly, it’s crazy how when you think about pretty much any “feminist” topic… it starts to make no fucking sense. Like the whole women having no hair – literally makes no sense as to why we’ve idealised that. It’s literally unnatural (although… I am like you in that I love to be smooth, so there will be no tossing the razor). Great and really thought provoking post xxx

    • LauraJ says

      Thank you! I had a conversation with my sister the other day and we were talking about how humans just created certain rules. For women especially, it’s like we need to read a guide book on how to be feminine from around age 11. It is so crazy but I love that people are talking about it and trying to see change. xxx

  5. thelonelyauthorblog says

    LauraJ, your posts always brins a smile and quite often an educaring surprise. I ad no idea female hair was “back in.” I guess I may be a prude, for me hair under the arms is a turn off. I love shave and smooth all the way.
    Hope your Monday has been wonderful.

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