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  1. thelonelyauthorblog says

    Dating apps are closed for me. Never ventured to use one. I need the face to face connections. Having lived in New York, a big city where the strests are littered with people it was easy to meet new people everyday. I have heard too many stories of disastrous first dates from dating apps. My impression is these apps are great for hook ups

    As for the alter ego, don’t we all have one to deal with the uncomfortable moments? Funny thing about that, because I usually write about love, there are certain expectations of “The Lonely Author.” And honestly, I find it a bit amusing. I am no differen than the next guy. Dreaming of being James Bond.

    • LauraJ says

      Dating apps feel closed to me too, but maybe I’m becoming desperate because I’m starting to get curious about them again. It feels unromantic, filling out a profile and then saying hey – we both like such and such and I think I could find you handsome, let’s meet. But I do know people who have found love from them, or sometimes just a great person who added something good for a few months.
      Do you feel people stereotype you based on what you write? They don’t think about the other sides of you beyond poetry.

      Thank you for reading and commenting Andrew. You always take the time to respond with something meaningful or interesting, and I appreciate how many people comment on your posts and what it must be like to keep up.

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