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  1. confessionsofabruncher says

    I loved this article!
    I for one think this generation today needs another SATC but an updated version of course.
    Samantha was always my favourite because of how free and independent she was. She never gave a crap about anyone judging her and life was there to be lived to the fullest!
    Maura did at first shock me but I think only because we just aren’t used to seeing a woman on telly like that anymore.
    Great writing as always Laura! xx

    • LauraJ says

      Thank you! I was quite cliche and always preferred Carrie, but when I watched the show back, I realised how amazing Samantha is. I think because I didn’t have her confidence, I struggle to rdelate to her.

      Maura has probably paved the way for new girls going on Love Island, to be open and that will probably affect women watching. xx

  2. LauraJ says

    Thank you!!! I was mentally nodding along to everything! I wrote an article on the taboo of sex on a first date and I’ve mentioned casual sex in previous posts, but I’ve never really shared my own experiences. And I’ve also said it’s about privacy and comfort – me being a private person, but I think that’s partly an excuse.
    I guess when you start blogging, you never really know how open you’ll become, and then you have to start thinking about how you will let readers relate and understand you. But there’s something about sex that feels petrifying to talk about.

    And omgosh yes – female masturbation is like this secret club with members (99% of females) who have all signed non-disclosure agreements. The porn industry is dominated by men and even adverts like Love Honey are all about sex toys for couples.
    I feel we need more female TV characters who are averagely sexual and treat masturbation as normal. Not a weird experiment or something they do because they are ‘addicted’. xxx

    • LauraJ says

      Yes there are so many shows and films where first time sex is the best thing ever and two people just automatically know how to please each other. I need to keep myself updated with some of the new films showing new representation. x

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