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  1. confessionsofabruncher says

    I loved this article!
    I for one think this generation today needs another SATC but an updated version of course.
    Samantha was always my favourite because of how free and independent she was. She never gave a crap about anyone judging her and life was there to be lived to the fullest!
    Maura did at first shock me but I think only because we just aren’t used to seeing a woman on telly like that anymore.
    Great writing as always Laura! xx

    • LauraJ says

      Thank you! I was quite cliche and always preferred Carrie, but when I watched the show back, I realised how amazing Samantha is. I think because I didn’t have her confidence, I struggle to rdelate to her.

      Maura has probably paved the way for new girls going on Love Island, to be open and that will probably affect women watching. xx

  2. questionsfromateenager says

    I found this to be a truly insightful post. What especially intrigued me was the last paragraph. I myself have written a few articles on the hookup culture, fuckboys, and “no strings attached” relationships. However, they are all pretty general (I never really dive into my own experiences in detail and when I do, it’s at a level I feel comfortable with). The thing about that comfort is that I am not sure if I can solely attribute it to the fact that I am an extremely private person. My hesitation also stems from fear of judgement (from internet strangers), slut shaming and so forth. And more so from women than from men. But I feel what goes even beyond the taboo of sex is masturbation. For some reason, people (myself included) are much more embarrassed to even acknowledge that they do, in fact (like nearly every person) pleasure themselves.

    There is no doubt that we, as a society, have come far when it comes to these kinds of topics and the stigmas around it. However, while I do think the taboo is slowly shrinking, especially when it comes to women, we need to normalise the topic of sex and everything else that comes with it. Great post Laura (as always!) xx

    • LauraJ says

      Thank you!!! I was mentally nodding along to everything! I wrote an article on the taboo of sex on a first date and I’ve mentioned casual sex in previous posts, but I’ve never really shared my own experiences. And I’ve also said it’s about privacy and comfort – me being a private person, but I think that’s partly an excuse.
      I guess when you start blogging, you never really know how open you’ll become, and then you have to start thinking about how you will let readers relate and understand you. But there’s something about sex that feels petrifying to talk about.

      And omgosh yes – female masturbation is like this secret club with members (99% of females) who have all signed non-disclosure agreements. The porn industry is dominated by men and even adverts like Love Honey are all about sex toys for couples.
      I feel we need more female TV characters who are averagely sexual and treat masturbation as normal. Not a weird experiment or something they do because they are ‘addicted’. xxx

      • questionsfromateenager says

        I truly agree! But I think the TV industry is already heading in the right direction – they are a lot opener then just a few years ago and although sex is still misrepresented in some TV shows / films (especially big blockbuster films), a lot of directors are exploring new avenues in where sex is depicted/discussed in a more real, honest way. Especially coming of age films have stunned me as of late because sex is approached more naturally – I like that they show that ones first time isn’t always a fairytale, because I reckon that most people’s first time having sex wasn’t this big firework-movie moment. But there’s definitely still a long way to go, both in regards to the film industry and society itself.

        • LauraJ says

          Yes there are so many shows and films where first time sex is the best thing ever and two people just automatically know how to please each other. I need to keep myself updated with some of the new films showing new representation. x