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  1. Beyoutiful says

    I agree! There is a limit to everything. It’s nice to take photos when you’re travelling or out with friends but I feel like people shouldn’t take too much because we get so caught up on taking so many “perfect” photos to post on our stories/insta feed that we totally forget to really cherish and enjoy that moment. I still have a habit of doing this but I’m trying to cut back and take a few photos and instead, just really create actual memories so that they are still stuck in our mind without having to remember it only when we look at the pictures.

    Insightful post dear

    • LauraJ says

      Thank you lovely. My rule is to spend a few minutes on photos and then put my phone away. It’s tricky though, especially when I’m in a pretty location – I feel as though I need to capture everything. But it’s nice to just remember things by memory.

  2. The Life of Jea says

    We don’t _have_ to remember anymore, we have photo’s of everything today. Maybe.
    I will mostly only take 1 or 2 pictures and then I’m bored with it and it will have to be ok 🙂
    But I think they help, “oh yes, this was right after we’d been to X and just before we X” … Wait, maybe I’m not taking enough photo’s? XD

    • LauraJ says

      There’s huge benefit to photos and it’s undeniable how great it is now to capture memories. But I do think like with everything in life, there’s a limit, and most of us (myself included) go overboard. Sometimes I look at old photos now and think, what’s the point of remembering this? And does remembering this, stop any actual good memory from having better clarity.

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