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  1. The Life of Jea says

    It sounds like you had a wonderful time!
    A lot of swedish people travel within Sweden (warm countries around Europe is still the most common, BY FAR), but the most of us from the part I’m from (Skåne), we prefer not to travel in Sweden at all. Let’s just say we understand the Scottish when they talk about England 😉 We tend to talk about “the idiots in Sweden”. But it’s for a good reason (or so we think) because Sweden doesn’t care one bit about us. And a lot of them like to come here and complain about us, the way we talk, etc. It does give for funny looks from immigrants when they hear someone looking as white and swedish as me complain about the idiots in Sweden XD They tend to walk away to not get dragged in to whatever crazy ideas I may have!
    I digress… sorry!
    I would much rather go to Denmark than anywhere in Sweden. But then again, I live roughly 30 minutes from Copenhagen so I feel more connected to Denmark. Because of that, it would feel more like travelling in my own country.
    Oh this was a long comment… oops 🙂

    • LauraJ says

      I did have a wonderful time thank you!

      Copenhagen looks beautiful. I am hoping one day to do more short break holidays and visit different cities around Europe.

      I haven’t actually been to Scotland. There’s a big South and North England divide that I’m aware of though. I guess we’re known for being rude and too fast-paced.

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